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Episode 30: Principles of Building Natural Muscle



The Beyond Burning Fat Podcast is brought to you by: Today’s Show: Principles of Building Natural Ever envied a pair of guns, sexy shoulders, or six pack abs and wonder how you can get that too? Or if you’ve been trying and don’t know why your biceps or shoulders don’t cooperate? In this episode we debunk the “I just want to be toned”, and “If I lift heavy, I’ll get too big!” Also, we discuss five areas that contribute to gaining muscle – from hormones to muscle stimulus. And guys – don’t worry, most of this applies to you as well . . . even though it’s tailored to the ladies ;-) * * * Hello! It’s Chelle here – Thanks so much for listening! It’s an honor to be in your ears ;-) I hope you enjoy the show, and if you do . . . subscribe! That way you’ll be up to date on all we talk about. It’s a labor of love, because I really enjoy staying connected to you. And if you’re new and find yourself asking who is this girl?, just pop over to - can’t wait to “meet” you! I