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Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monae's Electric Lady Situationship



Hi Keenes and Queens!Two in a week? I know. I know. There has been so much going on, though. I mean, we got:Your favorite female rapper based upon your lesbian or gay male preferred sexual position. Everything the Trump administration is doing to immigrants and what people are doing when they're fed up and confronting Sarah Sanders and others; Anthony Kennedy retiring because of something shady with his son and Donald Trump; Antwan Rose's unnecessary shooting death; other things we should be concerned with; and my thoughts on the "civility" brigade.Tessa Thompson came out as bisexual and described her kind of connection with Janelle Monae, which sounds like a situationship and not a...well, it's not my life. Also, SCOTUS doesn't like when you tell the truth about Christianity and its crappy history throughout American history.Benjamin L. Corey reads evangelical Trump supporters for filth and snatches my wig down to the white meat and I live!Shout-outs this week: @freshalina and @SolomonMissouri (both on