Keene Point Of View

Scissoring With My Favorite Lesbian



Hi Keenes and Queens!This week I am joined by one of my favorite cousins and my favorite lesbian, Jenae. Listen and get to know her. I enjoyed our conversation!We covered:1. Interesting things about Jenae and two stories of her ratchetry and my piety.2. We open the show with thumbs up or thumbs down for LGBT-friendly singers and rappers.2. Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement and shady business over Brett Kavanaugh's seat. We also covered the plan to legally prohibit gay couples from adopting based on dubious "religious" freedom claims.3. A gay guy ruptured his airway with fellatio. More importantly, Jenae clarifies 10 conceptions people have about lesbians.4. Jenae and I give our younger selves three pieces of advice as gay people.5. Bum of the Week and Boo of the Week. Here's a hint: Both have to do with the same event in Asia last week.Enjoy listening and subscribe and share! Thank you all so much! Thank you for your support! It means a lot. Thank you for listening!Blog: keenepointofview.comInstagram: Keen