The Money Magpie The Ultimate Guide to Savvy Saving, Ditching Your Debts and Making Money

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Jasmine Birtles believes that anyone can be better off, she just needs to show you how…

Packed full of practical financial advice and brilliant money-saving ideas, The Money Magpie shows you how to spend less, make more and invest what's left over, even in hard times. Based on this key idea, Jasmine tells you how to:
- be the King or Queen of cash by getting the best deals on utilities, credit cards and food
- assess and manage your finances with clear, easy-to-follow techniques
- make more money instantly using what you have already
- work out a long term plan for increasing wealth that fits into your lifestyle

With handy links to Jasmine's fast-growing website, and the use of self-assessment quizzes, brilliantly simple advice and ideas that mould around the way you live, The Money Magpie will teach you how to be rich, whatever your situation.

Jasmine Birtles has a background in financial and business journalism as well as being a TV presenter and humorist. She writes for the Mirror, the Independent on Sunday, Cosmo, Glamour and Essentials and has a daily column in the Express. Jasmine appears regularly as a financial expert on GMTV, This Morning, The Wright Stuff, BBC Breakfast, Working Lunch, Tonight and all the news channels. Her latest project is for BBC Learning where she presents online for BBC RaW Money, helping with financial literacy and skills for everyday life.