Visiting Time A Collection of Four Erotic Stories

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A collection of four varied erotic short stories with menage, bdsm, submission and gay themes.

Visiting Time by Stephen Albrow
Lisa certainly knows how to make an entrance when she arrives at the prison in an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Which prisoner is she here to visit? Or does she have an ulterior motive? There's only way to find out and the prison warden is more than willing to give her his most thorough interrogation ...

Two's Company by Georgina Brown
One man. Two women. Isn't that every man's fantasy? It certainly was Ben's. So when he finds his girlfriend Una asleep in bed with her best friend Gloria, he thinks all his Christmases have arrived at once. But will the reality live up to the fantasy?

Anthony by Gwen Masters
They both want to take control when they get to the bedroom, and neither is about to give in without a fight. While the winner's uncertain, one thing is for sure: this battle is going to be long, hot and hard. The expression goes 'Make love, not war' but who says you can't do both?

Starring Tonight by Kitti Bernetti
He has always had a passion for the unattainable, not to mention a serious fantasy for the classic, Hollywood glamour pusses. When he comes across Starring Tonight escort agency and is greeted by what must be the doppelganger of Marilyn Monroe, it all seems too good to be true. But there’s no time for cynicism; Marilyn is waiting ...