The Secret Life of the Mind How Our Brain Thinks, Feels and Decides

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Where do our thoughts come from?
How do we make choices and trust the judgement of both others and ourselves?
What is the role of the unconscious?
How can we manipulate our dreams?

These are some of the questions in this groundbreaking, personal and comprehensive guide into understanding our thoughts.

In this provocative, mind-bending international bestseller, Pontifical Academy of Sciences 2016 laureate and global award-winning neurologist Mariano Sigman brings to the public his world-renowned expertise from over twenty years spent exploring the inner workings of the human brain.

Sigman’s vision is interdisciplinary. His team comprises physicists, linguists, psychologists, biologists, engineers, educational scientists, mathematicians, economists, medical doctors, and computer scientists. With interrogations as theoretical as they are practical, this book revolutionizes how neuroscience serves us in our lives, improving education and development.