Dr. Mitchell

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Billionaires like him have a type. And it's not me . . .

I'm not the kind of girl who has one-night stands. Except . . . I did.

What can I say? After a few drinks with a gorgeous man who made me feel alive for the first time since losing my mom, I was powerless to say no. And I didn't regret it. Not one minute of our hot, mind-melting night together. But he wasn't a forever kind of guy. So I walked away. I wasn't supposed to ever see him again. Then I did.

Turns out my sexy one-night stand is Dr. Jacob Mitchell—and he's the cardiothoracic surgeon who just saved my dad's life.

The shocking part? He never forgot about me or a single minute of our night together. And he wants more. Actually, he wants it all.

But I'm no fool. And just because he handles hearts every day doesn't mean I'm going to give him mine. Not without a fight, anyway . . .

Contains mature themes.


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