Wanna Play? A wicked game of love, lust, betrayal and revenge

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It's all fun and games with this erotic suspense romance novel with audio narration
Consummate professional Chanelle Maddison and tawdry stripper Kandi De Lish are both obsessed with the same
man -- one becoming his lover, the other a scorned stalker bent on revenge.
The object of their affections, Hayden Wolfe, is the perfect bachelor -- handsome, self-assured and so much fun... in
and out of bed!
Popular with the ladies, Hayden's never really been in love before, his relationships as fleeting as they are superficial.
But all that's about to change when the two women in his life are set on a collision course -- one that promises to
change the way they feel about him and themselves.
There are always winners and losers in the game of love, that's what makes it so damn exciting!
But when you choose to play, it's all fun and games but most especially when someone gets hurt.
If you're looking for an audio romance novel with sex, you can't go past this book!
What early listeners are saying:
★★★★★ When it comes to romance with audio narration kindle unlimited, this one hits the mark -- clever, sexy,
funny and real! Wow, just wow!!
★★★★ I got this as an erotic audio books kindle unlimited and I wasn't disappointed
★★★★★ Found the audio book saucy and intriguing, erotic suspense that is well worth getting for the Australian
narration alone, really enjoyed it!


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