That Looks On Tempests Thoughts on the nature of love

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"People, places and paradoxes. Barbie Robinson’s third book of poetry contains a playfulness to delight the reader along with sudden insights into the nature of relationships." - Sara Dowse, author of As the Lonely Fly and West Block

Barbie Robinson is a Canberra Australia-based arts advocate, artist and poet whose practice encompasses writing, photography,

design, event management, radio presentation/production and arts marketing.

That Looks on Tempests - Thoughts on the nature of love is her third solo book of poetry and the first to be published by For Pity Sake. The work is highly personal, created as part of Barbie’s ‘Gratitude Project’ after a life-saving stem cell transplant.

This audiobook is read by the author and was recorded and produced in Australia. Running time: 46 minutes 30 seconds.