Shifter Romance: Gorilla Passion 2 PART BOX SET Gorilla Shapeshifter, Paranormal Fantasy Romance, Contemporary Romance, Suspense Romance, Action Romance

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An Exhilarating Two Part Alpha Gorilla Shapeshifter BOX SET..... 

A 2 Part Series featuring a curvy BBW and a deliciously dominant silverback gorilla shapeshifter. 

WARNING: This bundle is FILLED with scenes that will keep you salivating & craving for more. 18+ Audiences ONLY!

He was even more breathtaking as a man than he had been as a silverback and she moaned softly at the sight of his chiseled body, dark tattoos encasing his broad, muscular shoulders and trailing down his hard chest. 

She leaned down and drew her tongue across his skin, licking away the rainwater and gathering the taste of him. Her teeth nipped at his chest and she felt his hands pulling at her shirt. They were on top of a tall platform in the middle of the outdoor enclosure, putting them on display to anyone who happened to walk by, but it was late and she knew the continuing rain would keep any of the other zoo staff away from the exhibit for the night. 

Even without that reassurance, though, Breelan knew she couldn't have resisted him. She needed him in a way she had never needed anyone. 

This steamy BOX SET includes:

Part One: Primal Craving 

Part Two: Dirty Secrets 

Are you ready for a dripping wet fantasy that you never could have even imagined? Purchase your copy today!