Erotic Futagirl Bundle X

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While I was putting "Erotic Futagirl IX" together a couple of years ago I noticed that I'd written a lot of Erotic Futa Sci-fi stories and thought that they would make a good bundle as they are all from one genre. The one thing I like about Sci-fi is that it makes this type of story more believable. However, because it took me so long to turn this eBook into an audio book, a lot of these stories are in other bundles or on their own, so check to see whether or not you already have these stories. The stories in this bundle are as follows:

Story 1 – The Dark Side

Story 2 – An Apocalyptic Event

Story 3 – Abduction

Story 4 – Morbeus

Story 5 – Time to Spare

Story 6 – The Regeneration Incident

Story 7 – Futa Creations

Story 8 – Shemale Duty

Story 9 – The Elementals

Story 10 – The Questions

These tales are graphic in nature and are intended for adults only. All characters depicted are 18 or older.