Our Song

‘The best book I’ve read for a long time’

In The Moment: The Power of Plants Episode 4

With experts lauding its benefits and bloggers, celebrities and even athletes adopting a whole food approach, is it time we all embraced a plant-based diet?

In The Moment: The Mental Overload Episode 8

What is mental overload and why don’t we want it? It’s time to speak up about taking on more than our fair share of thinking, planning and arranging.

History Revealed: Marie Antoinette Episode 20

From nation’s sweetheart to public enemy, Emily Brand reveals what it was that led her to the guillotine

History Revealed: Merrill's Maurauders Episode 35

Pat Kinsella meets an extraordinary unit of military misfits sent on an against-all-odds World War II mission deep behind enemy lines.

History Revealed: The Doomed Alliance of Thomas Cromwell and Anne Boleyn Episode 34

From the back streets of Putney to the court of Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell’s climb to power was largely thanks to Anne Boleyn. But it was to be a short-lived friendship.

Who Do You Think You Are? My Ancestor was an Undertaker Episode 49

The changing role of the British undertaker, from coffin-maker to funeral director

Who Do You Think You Are? My Family Hero: The Governor of Assam Episode 45

Ann Kissane’s ancestor Michael Keane escaped poverty and famine in County Kerry to become a celebrated statesman

Who Do You Think You Are? Behind the Headlines: 1801 General Enclosure Act Episode 67

Revealing your ancestor’s everyday lives at the time of major world events. 1801: General Enclosure act

Who Do You Think You Are? My Ancestor was a Cabinet Maker Episode 65

Melody Amsel-Arieli investigates the elaborate craft of these skilled woodworkers

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