Unspoiled! True Detective

Natasha has never seen the show and Nina has seen the whole series! Join them as Natasha gets totally creeped out and Nina laughs at her.

Hhwlod Master Feed

The HHWLOD Podcast Network brings together talented and dedicated podcasters from around the country to produce high quality shows focusing on entertainment media.

Black Men Can't Jump In Hollywood

Black Men Can't Jump [In Hollywood] is a comedic podcast that reviews films with leading actors of color and analyzes them in the context of race and Hollywood's diversity issues....

Powerbomb: The Podcast

A weekly wormhole into the past and present of professional wrestling! Hosted by Bryan Kennison (who some call the new El Dandy) and, the Roadie to his Jeff Jarrett, co-host...

Who New And Reviews (a Doctor Who Podcast)

Reviews of the latest Doctor Who episodes and news about the show during the off season

Game Of Drones

The Game of Thrones Podcast to Help You Sleep | Game of Drones is a GoT podcast that's part bedtime story and part high school class you can't stay awake for. Don't watch "Game of...

Gay Sci-fi Nerds

cult/sci-fi news for gay sci-fi nerds everywhere


Games, toys, comics and collectibles!

Whedonverse Podcast

Into every generation, a Whedonite is born. Join Mr. Universe and The Clairvoyant each week as they laugh, cry, cry and cry discussing all of the shiny works of Joss Whedon,...

Unspoiled! The Walking Dead

Inspired by her co-hosted series, UNspoiled!, Natasha takes on a solo project, reviewing and discussing popular TV shows with humor and sometimes rage.

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