Sexy Boss Slimdown Podcast With Heather Havenwood



On Heather Havenwoods 40th birthday, she walked onto a stage in a tiny bikini, platform high heels, and asked people to judge her. It was her first NPC Bodybuilding Figure Competition. It was a truly eye-opening experience. She did not win a trophy, nor did she place, however, it started her on a journey of health, anti-aging, and being in shape as a woman over 40.

Heather is now the co-founder of a non-GMO, vegan, superior detox and weight loss supplement company, Now, at the young age of 42, she is working with IFBB PRO, Master Nutritionist, and writer for Muscle and Fitness, Linda M. Stephens, to get ready for her next competition. However, this time, Heather is going to share her experiences during every step of the way with you!

Every workout, every meal, her weight, feelings, joys, and failures. Join Heather and Linda on this unique behind the scenes view of what it really takes to be a woman on stage and to feel confident in the midst of judging oneself. It truly is a remarkable journey you are not going to want to miss.