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  • Episode 136.5 [The Round-up #28]

    Episode 136.5 [The Round-up #28]


    Happy late Spring.  More listens, more conversations.   Alice Coltrane - A Monastic TrioAndy Votel - ANDY VOTEL'S MIDLIFE CRISIS DISCO MIXTAPEBruford Levin Upper Extremities - Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesCaetano Veloso And David Byrne - Live At Carnegie Halldaoko - 私的旅行David Byrne - American Utopia on Broadway (Original Cast Recording)David Byrne - "...The Best Live Show of All Time"

  • Episode 136 [How many times can you honk a car horn on a song?]

    Episode 136 [How many times can you honk a car horn on a song?]


    Alex, Teangelo, and Ryan get together to answer a fundamental question about music: How many times can you honk a car horn on a song?  Do you they answer this question?  Perhaps, and more as they review. Justin Bieber - ChangesGrimes -  Miss AnthropoceneJay Electronica - A Written Testimony

  • Episode 135.5 [The Round-up #27]

    Episode 135.5 [The Round-up #27]


    Alex heard more music. You know what that means! Quick bites and hot takes!   The Budos Band - The Budos Band IIFour Tet - Sixteen OceansHoly Fuck - CongratsJaga Jazzist - PyramidKyle Bobby Dunn - From Here to EternitySquarepusher - Be Up A HelloChance The Rapper - 10 Day

  • Episode 135 [Magyar Zene 2]

    Episode 135 [Magyar Zene 2]


    Kris and Alex decided it was time to go back to some Hungarian albums from yesteryear.  This time we explore Piramis - PiramisSarolta  Zalatnay - Hadd Mondjam ElNagy Feró és a Bikini - Hova Lett....

  • Episode 134.5 [The Round-up #26]

    Episode 134.5 [The Round-up #26]


    I can't believe it has been this long since we have done a round-up.  Nearly a third of the year has passed and we are just getting to one.  Don't worry, there are more in the hopper, or perhaps do worry, there are more in the hopper. 

  • Episode 134 [What’s A Co-Op?]

    Episode 134 [What’s A Co-Op?]


    Recorded in the doldrums of Winter Alex, TeAngelo, and Ryan are on the scene with three album reviews.  Y'know the thing we've been doing for seven years now. Holy Fuck - DeleterTory Lanez - Chixtape 5Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By

  • Episode 133.5 [Episode 132 extras]

    Episode 133.5 [Episode 132 extras]


    Anytime Alex goes to the bathroom mid-podcast you get extra special mini movie reviews.  Fortunately for all Alex had a bit too much coffee earlier in the year which gave Kris a chance to talk about some of his recent cinema viewings.

  • Episode 133 [Endless Trash! #3]

    Episode 133 [Endless Trash! #3]


    It is time for Kris and Alex to do their annual bad albums episode.  I may be getting ahead of myself, but this may be their best selection yet with a mix of apathy, overblown egos, and sheer perfect.  Listen as they reviewEmerson Lake & Palmer - Love BeachLil B - Choices and FlowersViper - You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack

  • Episode 132.5 [Concert Review: Shen-Yun]

    Episode 132.5 [Concert Review: Shen-Yun]


    Ever see those Shen-Yun billboards and wonder what the show is actually like?  Well, worry no further because Kris did just that!  Hear about his experience seeing Shen-Yun in this new mini-episode!

  • Episode 132 [Season 8 premier!]

    Episode 132 [Season 8 premier!]


    Winter vacation is over in podcast land and Alex and Kris are back in the virtual studio to talk two releases. Frank Zappa - The Hot Rats Sessions Flying Lotus - Presents INFINITY “Infinitum” - Maida Vale Session

  • Episode 131.5 [The 2020 annual report]

    Episode 131.5 [The 2020 annual report]


    It is a new year which means Alex addresses the Riff and Rockverse about how the year went and where we are heading.  Don't worry, it is only 10 minutes long

  • Episode 131 [The 2019 Riff  Rockies!]

    Episode 131 [The 2019 Riff & Rockies!]


    It's that time of year again!  Kris, Ryan, Teangelo, and Alex are all in the virtual studio giving their hot takes for 2019. Listen as they give their opinions on: Best Album of the YearWorst Album of the YearBiggest SurpriseBiggest LetdownBest ComebackBest DebutBest Album of the DecadeWorst Album of the Decade

  • Episode 130.5 [Episode 129 leftovers…again]

    Episode 130.5 [Episode 129 leftovers…again]


    Alex takes a quick bathroom break and Kris attempts to electrocute himself "For the content"

  • Episode 130 [Return of the gruesome twosome]

    Episode 130 [Return of the gruesome twosome]


    It certainly has been a while, but you may recall when Music Talk first started it was a two person operation of Ryan and Alex. Well, if you are itching for the good 'ol days look no further as the duo is back as they review two albums from 2019 (recorded in 2019!). clipping. - There Existed An Addiction To BloodBig Thief - Two Hands

  • Episode 129.5 [Episode 129 Leftovers]

    Episode 129.5 [Episode 129 Leftovers]


    Sadly cut for time this strange digging through Moby's Instragram should not be missed!

  • Episode 129 [Tom Morello owes B-Real some weed money]

    Episode 129 [Tom Morello owes B-Real some weed money]


    Slabs is the theme of this episode, big honking chunks of music, but fortunately Kris and Alex have no fears as they review these beastly creations. Frank Zappa - Orchestral Favorites (40th Anniversary)Tangerine Dream - The Royal Albert Hall Concert (Live From The Royal Albert Hall, Uk / 1975 )Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno - For All Mankind

  • Episode 128.5 [Free Form Jam Tram #11]

    Episode 128.5 [Free Form Jam Tram #11]


    Oh boy, Alex made an attempt to record a round-up and ended up talking about how much he loves physical media, owning things, and having his home taken up by stuff.

  • Episode 128 [We all know you’re going to say it sucks]

    Episode 128 [We all know you’re going to say it sucks]


    Alex, Ryan, and Teangelo are in the virtual studio talking three more 2019 releases.  Listen as they review Bon Iver - i,iJidenna - 85 To AfricaMaxo - LIL BIG MAN

  • Episode 127.5 [The Round-up #25]

    Episode 127.5 [The Round-up #25]


    If you all keep chanting "Clear that queue" it will actually happen!Billy Preston - That's The Way God Planned ItDoris Troy - Doris TroyJackie Lomax - Is This What You WantJames Taylor - James TaylorMagma - Archiw I & IIMagma - Live In Geneve L'Alhambra 03.08.2017Kolsimcha, London Symphony Orchestra - CrossoverTrent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The Vietnam War (Original Score)Various Artists - Cowboy Bebop OST Vol. 1 & Vitaminless

  • Episode 127 [The 2019 they won’t tell you about]

    Episode 127 [The 2019 they won’t tell you about]


    Kris and Alex are in the virtual studio reviewing three album from lesser known artists.  Listen as they review these 2019 indies. Kaleta & Super Yamba Band - MèdahoJonathan Scales Fourchestra - Mindstate MusicReid Anderson, Dave King, Craig Taborn - Golden Valley is Now

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