Wisework With Michele Woodward



WiseWork is all about working smart with heart. Get the benefit of learning from top authors and thought leaders on how to get what you want from work.


  • The River of No Return Author Bee Ridgway

    17/12/2013 Duración: 29min

    Author Bee Ridgway burst onto the literary scene in 2013 with her accalimed debut novel The River of No Return. Writing with a nom de plume, Ridgway is a literature professor at Bryn Mawr College and will talk with host Michele Woodward about writing, the writer's life, and how she "works smart with heart" in her multiple roles.

  • How We Lead - Gender Differences and WiseWork

    10/12/2013 Duración: 34min

    Expert Dr. Michael Gurian joins host Michele Woodward to talk about his book Leadership and The Sexes: Using Gender Science to Create Success in Business. We'll discuss how men lead, how women lead, and the things that the best leaders do regardless of gender.

  • Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation President Lisa Gable

    03/12/2013 Duración: 29min

    Lisa Gable is the President of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a CEO-led initiative aimed at helping to reduce obesity, especially childhood obesity, in America. Under Lisa’s leadership, the foundation grew from 21 founding members to over 200 members in the first 24 months.  Lisa serves on the board of Girl Scouts of the USA and was named by President George W. Bush to serve as U.S. Commissioner General to the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan.  She'll talk with WiseWork host Michele Woodward about her career journey and her mission to reduce childhood obesity in the US.

  • Finding the Soul of Gratitude

    26/11/2013 Duración: 32min

    Hiro Boga creates transformative programs to help people connect to their deepest "why" of their lives and work. Join host and Executive Coach Michele Woodward as she talks with Hiro about living into gratitude and how it elevates our miraculous selves.

  • The WiseWork of Government Service

    19/11/2013 Duración: 30min

    Ellen McCarthy is the Chief Operating Officer of the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency - the people who use satellites and maps to analyze what's going on in the world. Join host and Executive Coach Michele Woodward as she talks about McCarthy's career trajectory from the government to private business and back to government.