Chuck Bradshaw

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Wealth Coach William R. Patterson -

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson offers invaluable business, personal finance, and success information based on his national best-selling book, "The Baron Son". For more...

Carrie F*ucking Bradshaw

No, seriously....WTF Carrie?Sex and the City (1998-2004) is a TV series created by Darren Star and produced by HBO. The show is based on writer Candace Bushnells book, compiled...

R & R Podcast

A reflective and reactive podcast on whatever subject is on hand-make a suggestion. Usually it's the big stuff...or we'll pretend like it's big. We provide the research and the...

R&r Sheroes

Revitalize and Rise trains, coaches & mentors women enabling them to overcome personal and professional challenges and helps them to revitalize and rise! R&R Sheroes are...

R & R Rocks

DJ Rob and The Master talk about all things hard rock & heavy metal.

R&r Podcast

A little podcast about tech, travel, and current events. Featuring the "app to tap", "hot products", and "travel tips".

Spiritual R&r

Spiritual R&R is an upbeat, high-energy show that demonstrates how understanding and using spiritual principles in our daily lives can transform how we see ourselves. The show...

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