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Ree Ree Productions presents the roster that brings heat, music, laughter and ringtones..Plus, celeb and industry news in Toronto, Canada and the world.


About exploring ourselves

Little Ree

New York Times bestselling author, Food Network star, and The Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond brings us the first book in a brand-new picture book series! In Ree's own words:...

Morgan D Rees

A proven professional with international and domestic marketing, branding and sales experience in the consumer and business-to-business industries. Built a reputation on...

Paul Bunyan

Relates some of the legends of Paul Bunyan, a lumberjack said to be taller than the trees.

Major Paul & Paul Show

Fantasy football gold, plus a high powered rocket shot of SCIENCE!

Voice Of Ree-son

Welcome to Voice of REE-son where Abstract thinking from Life Experiences, Traveling the World, and dropping Golden Nuggets along the Way is my WAY OF LIFE!!!

The Shaker Murders A Will Rees Mystery

Fresh from facing allegations of witchcraft and murder, travelling weaver Will Rees, his heavily pregnant wife Lydia, and six adopted children take refuge in Zion, a Shaker...

Captain Paul

Captain Paul is based on life of John Paul Jones, a captain in the American Navy during the revolutionary war. This epic adventure is written in best traditions of Duma's work...

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