A Guide to Wine

Actor and wine expert Julian Curry has devised a unique audiobook guide to wine which takes the listener to the heart of winemaking and wine drinking in a clear but light-hearted...

Kit Carson's Way

Kit Carson - intrepid scout, trail breaker, trapper, and fighter - investigates a sudden outbreak of bloody violence from Chief Wolfkiller's Navajos. For he suspects there are...


- en podcast om forfatteren, mystikeren, teologen og kvinden fra middelalderen, Julian af Norwich.

Stephen Curry

They called him: "the greatest all-around shooter". Do you want to learn more about the life of Stephen Curry while being inspired? One of today’s most sought-after NBA...

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a standout NBA point guard. Learn about his childhood and his rise to becoming a basketball superstar.

Chimera: Four Stories and a Novelette

How “chimerical” have we allowed our world to become? Have our ego-driven obsessions shut out the magical such-ness of Being? Chimera takes its name from Greek mythology and,...

Becoming A Better Boss Why Good Management is So Difficult

Julian Birkinshaws previous book, Reinventing Management, focused on how executives can challenge deep-seated assumptions about how large organisations work, and how they can...

History Revealed: Nelson: Comander Rebel Lover Episode 25

The life and complex character of one of Britain's most-loved military heroes.

History Revealed: Stalingrad the Worst Battle Ever Fought Episode 57

Julian Humphrys unfolds the dramatic events that made the Battle of Stalingrad the most miserable and bloody battle of World War II – and possibly in the history of warfare

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