Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno (Nola, 1548 – Roma, 17 febbraio 1600) è senza dubbio uno dei pensatori più affascinanti della storia della filosofia, ed è tra le figure...


I am generous I have a lot of friends I'm just 7 years old and I can't believe that I already have my Instagram account my Snapchat account and Facebook account of course

Andrew M. Giordano

Don't Be Left Behind YoAndrew News Talk Show - Every Tuesday 5pm-7pm pt 8pm-10pm et.YoAndrew News Talk Show is a radio talk program being aired independently every Tuesday night...

Giordano Bruno: Obras Italianas

Giordano Bruno faz parte do rol de pensadores que se destacaram como representantes das novas correntes do Renascimento, que instauraram uma concepção moderna do mundo, racional...

Fabian Starr

Have you been Hexed? Having strange experiences that you cannot explain? Then come dive into the rabbit hole and investigate other realities as we discuss current topics as-well...

Brother Jacob

Brother Jacob is a short story by George Eliot, in which she explores the relationship between the selfish, self-centered and ambitious David Faux and his simple-hearted and naif...

Jacobs Podcast

I talk about music news sports and other topics.

Greg Lake

Steve Black spoke with Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer in the fall of 2016, a few months before Lake passed away in December of that same year.

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