Las sombras del Sengoku

El largo brazo del Emperador Ogimachi se extiende mucho más allá del mundo terrenal, donde los restos de la guerra han dejado a samuráis sin señor errando por todo Japón en...

El susurro de la gárgola

Helmuth, un caballero teutón en busca de redención, abandona la guerra. Su errante marcha lo conduce a un pueblo escondido de Prusia. El lugar parece apacible, pero un extraño...

Anything but a Gentleman Rescued from Ruin Series, Book 8

A spinster hatches a plan (with a smattering of blackmail)Miss Augusta Widmore has no time for proprieties. She must force her sister's ne'er-do-well betrothed to the altar with...

Elisa: Digitalisaatio300

Elisan Digitalisaatio300 -podcast-sarjassa käsitellään digitalisaation eri ilmentymiä kyberturvasta älykkääseen verkkoon. Jokaisessa jaksossa vieraana on kuhunkin aiheeseen...

What Every Child Needs: Getting To The Heart Of Mothering

The love you have for your children can give them a foundation for life -- provided you show it in the ways they need most. And now there’s help from the people best qualified...

Desperately Seeking a Scoundrel Rescued from Ruin, Book 3

Desperately seeking a fiancé . . .Miss Sarah Battersby is in dire need of a man, preferably one skilled at deception. Upon her father's death, she will be left with no home and...

Mario Cano

I like to share my emotions and explain my why of everything. I I think we all are connected.

Podcast De Luis Cano

Temas variados como son música, artes, cultura, noticias, reflexiones, criticas y mucho mas.

Entrando Pelo Cano

O podcast Entrando Pelo Cano é apresentado por Renan Greca e Douglas Novelli. Seu foco é a comunidade gamer de Curitiba e do Brasil.

Paul Cano

Welcome to the Paul Cano podcast, where progression is the goal.

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