Welcome to the Bills podcast, where amazing things happen.

Pecos Bill

Relates some of the legends of Pecos Bill, a cowboy who was raised by wild animals, once roped a whole herd of cattle at once, and invented Texas chili.

Tucker Rogers

Welcome to Tucker Rogers, where amazing things happen.

Ashley Rogers

Welcome to Ashley Rogers, where amazing things happen.

Roger That

This is a podcast about 2 lads talking things that may intrest you, in terms of entertainment and conversation.

Kenny Rogers

When Kenny Rogers started singing in high school, he went through numerous gimmicks and phases trying to find a way to make his voice identifiable. Audiences didn’t respond to...

Roger Williams

Roger Williams stood alone in the world of popular music. He was just three years old when he first sat in front of a piano and played a song. He went on to study piano at Drake...


Bill featuring speaker Bill

Podcast Rogers Session

Este es el canal de novedades de Kit radio y es que cada semana llega Rogers Session en el que te estrenamos antes que nadie los temas dance y trance del momento sin olvidarnos...

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