Allan Quartermain

Allan Quatermain is the protagonist of H. Rider Haggard's 1885 novel King Solomon's Mines and its various prequels and sequels. Allan Quatermain was also the title of a book in...

Edgar Allan

A white family adopts a small black child and then, because they are fearful of what will happen in their small town, make a terrible decision.“This is not a novel about...

Allan Drax

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Allan Quatermain

In this adventure novel we follow Allan Quatermain, a character appearing in other Haggard novels. Allan finds English cities and climate unbearable, he prefers to spend most of...

Allan Caldwell

Welcome to Allan Caldwell, where amazing things happen.

Allan Quatermain

We have met the intrepid hunter-tracker Allan Quatermain before, in H. Rider Haggard’s marvelous King Solomon’s Mines. This time, grieving from the tragic loss of his son,...

Allan Chapman

Allan Chapman is the author of several fiction and travel pieces. The fiction stories are Thrillers and Children's Shorts.

Allan Besselink

Allan Besselink is a physiotherapist, endurance sports coach, educator, and author of the book "RunSmart: A Comprehensive Approach To Injury-Free Running". He is the CRO of the...

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