The Atlantis Revelation

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"A giddily-paced, rollicking, globe-spanning tale of adventure, discovery and derring-do that pulled me in from the very first page. It's rare to find a tale as well researched as it is entertaining, and this is it. Best of all, it is pure fun!" -- Christopher Reich, New York Times bestselling author of Rules of Deception


  • AtlantisRevelation 001

    Duración: 01h08min
  • AtlantisRevelation 002

    Duración: 01h18min
  • AtlantisRevelation 003

    Duración: 01h10min
  • AtlantisRevelation 004

    Duración: 01h19min
  • AtlantisRevelation 005

    Duración: 01h15min
  • AtlantisRevelation 006

    Duración: 01h03min