Trade Is Not A Four-letter Word: How Six Everyday Products Make The Case For Trade

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“A sprightly and clear-eyed testimonial to the value of globalization” (The Wall Street Journal) as seen through six surprising everyday goods—the taco salad, the Honda Odyssey, the banana, the iPhone, the college degree, and the blockbuster HBO series Game of Thrones.

Trade allows us to sell what we produce at home and purchase what we don’t. It lowers prices and gives us greater variety and innovation. Yet understanding our place in the global trade network is rarely simple. Trade has become an easy excuse for struggling economies, a scapegoat for our failures to adapt to a changing world, and—for many Americans on both the right and the left—nothing short of a four-letter word.

But as Fred P. Hochberg reminds us, trade is easier to understand than we commonly think. In Trade Is Not a Four-Letter Word, you’ll learn how NAFTA became a populist punching bag on both sides of the aisle. You’ll learn how Americans can avoid the grim specter of the $10 banana. And you’ll finally discover the truth about whether or not, as President Trump has famously tweeted, “trade wars are good and easy to win.” (Spoiler alert—they aren’t.)

Hochberg debunks common trade myths by pulling back the curtain on six everyday products, each with a surprising story to tell: the taco salad, the Honda Odyssey, the banana, the iPhone, the college degree, and the smash hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Behind these six examples are stories that help explain not only how trade has shaped our lives so far but also how we can use trade to build a better future for our own families, for America, and for the world.

Trade Is Not a Four-Letter Word is the antidote to today’s acronym-laden trade jargon pitched to voters with simple promises that rarely play out so one-dimensionally. Packed with colorful examples and highly digestible explanations, Trade Is Not a Four-Letter Word is “an accessible, necessary book that will increase our understanding of trade and economic policies and the ways in which they impact our daily lives” (Library Journal, starred review).


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  • 002 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Dedication

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  • 003 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Introduction

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  • 004 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Part1 ClearingTheAir Chapter1 TheRockiesTheRockysAnd300YearsOfAmericanTrade

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  • 005 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Chapter2 TheGiantSuckingSound

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  • 006 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Chapter3 AMythBustingInterlude

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  • 007 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Part2 SixProductsThatMakeTheCaseForTrade Chapter4 TheSpiceOfLife

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  • 008 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Chapter5 TheMostAmericanCarOnTheRoad

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  • 009 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Chapter6 TheTenDollarBanana

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  • 010 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Chapter7 HowDoYouLikeThemApples

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  • 011 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Chapter8 AMatterOfDegrees

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  • 012 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Chapter9 WhyWinterCame

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  • 013 TradeIsNotAFourLetterWord Part3 FurtherBeyond Chapter10 Realities

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