Rachel Augusta



Rachel Augusta the Modern Dr. Dolittle who is committed to helping humans with extremely common issues they might be having with their furbabies where western medicine doesn't necessarily have the answers. Rachel Augusta is not a veterinarian and does not diagnose or prescribe medications and you should refer to a licensed veterinarian for traditional medical care or for questions concerning specific illnesses. You are solely responsible for consulting a veterinarian in any case of physical, mental or emotional illness.


  • Healing Animal Audio Track

    Healing Animal Audio Track

    19/07/2019 Duración: 08min

    This track is great for all animals but was made in mind for those who don't feel well for emotional or physical reasons. Make it  yo' thing that you do with your furamily member/s. We have fur baby mamas who listen to it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT with their four leggeds. It's become their bedtime ritual and they all love it. When you're listening, tune out the other crap. This isn't time to work, talk on the phone, or mindlessly scroll facebook or instagram... just be present with your fur baby. 

  • Separation Anxiety in your furbabies

    Separation Anxiety in your furbabies

    09/03/2019 Duración: 29min

    Separation anxiety in your fur babies can literally ruin your life and happiness... and theirs. Rachel Augusta is going to teach you a simple tip that can help turn that dark ship around and bring a lot of healing into your home.