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  • Special Guest Amanda McPherson

    Special Guest Amanda McPherson

    16/07/2017 Duración: 31min

    Angela interviews life coach and relationship expert, Amanda McPherson about how to date online without losing your mind. Amanda particularly loves working with women in the areas of dating/relationships, career growth, and overall self-confidence. Her writing has been featured in several online journals. She’s also the author of Girl, Get Your Roots Done!, a blog about nourishing the roots that sustain us, make us shine from the inside out, and bring us a sense of grounding in our chaotic lives. Resources

  • Just Make The Effort

    Just Make The Effort

    18/06/2017 Duración: 09min

    Get ready for a powerful dose of inspiration! In this short program, you'll hear about a few folks who have succeeded in spite of their age, disabilities, and other perceived physical obstacles. Then imagine what YOU can accomplish if you just make the effort. RESOURCES

  • Career Goals Series: Your Career Journey

    Career Goals Series: Your Career Journey

    04/06/2017 Duración: 16min

    Your career development is a life-long endeavor, one that you have more control over than you might think. In fact, it’s ultimately your responsibility to figure out your next career step and decide what you can do to move your plan forward. In this episode, Angela discusses these general concepts and provides a few tips on planning your career journey. Resources Peter Drucker Dr. Helen Harkness Career Goals Series: Career Exploration

  • Special Guest: Sally Twellman

    Special Guest: Sally Twellman

    21/05/2017 Duración: 31min

    In this episode, Angela interviews registered dietitian and wellness coach, Sally Twellman. They discuss the weight loss journey as a spiritual journey, myths about wellness and the wellness industry, and Sally's top advice for self-care. Resources Website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Programs: Mastery of Overeating and Journey to Wholeness 1:1 Coaching - 30 Day Reset (for your Body and Your Life) -  Empowered Warrior Academy (6 week online Journey towards Empowerment and Wholeness) -

  • Career Goals Series: 5 Reasons To Volunteer

    Career Goals Series: 5 Reasons To Volunteer

    20/03/2017 Duración: 17min

    Still on the fence and wondering if it’s worth your time and energy to volunteer? In this "Career Goals Series" episode, Angela shares 5 reasons that might just inspire you to say yes to volunteering. You'll see why volunteering is such a good career move. It can help achieve goals and expand your world in ways you've never imagined… whether you’re in a career transition or just trying to advance yourself within your current employment situation. NOTE: some of Angela's volunteer work has included serving a two-year term as VP of Career Development for the Austin Human Resource Management Association and four years on the board of the nonprofit Launch Pad Job Club. She has also been helping to steer the Career Development Network as one of its founders since 2005.

  • Your Life Intention with Shelley Pernot

    Your Life Intention with Shelley Pernot

    05/03/2017 Duración: 31min

    In this episode, Angela interviews Shelley Pernot of True North Coaching and Development. Shelley is an expert on mindfulness, and she's the author of Running On Empty: The Irreverent Guru's Guide To Filling Up With Mindfulness. Shelly will share a concept called The Life Intention Statement. It’s "the one little sentence that makes a big difference." Learn what a life intention statement is, why it's important, and what it has to do with mindfulness. Resources  for Life and Career Change coaching    for Leadership Development solutions Shelley's Book: Free download - Chapter 2:  

  • Career Goals Series: Career Exploration

    Career Goals Series: Career Exploration

    07/02/2017 Duración: 21min

    In this "Career Goals Series" episode, Angela shares some practical tips about what it might take to get your career going into a new career direction. Whether you’re just starting out in your career – looking for a profession that would suit you well – or if you’ve been in a career for a while but you’re thinking of exploring something new, you won’t want to miss this next installment of the Career Goals Series.  

  • Career Goals Series: Before You Write Your Resume...

    Career Goals Series: Before You Write Your Resume...

    15/01/2017 Duración: 17min

    In this "Career Goals Series" episode, Angela provides you with tips and insights about 3 key things you must do BEFORE you write your Resume/CV, Online Profile, or Bio. That's because in managing your next career move, it’s important to assess not only your relevant background, but also your unique promise of value. It’s important for others who might want to hire you, promote you, or engage your services to know what you offer that differentiates you in the marketplace. Resources

  • Boundaries and Burnout with Christie Hays

    Boundaries and Burnout with Christie Hays

    18/12/2016 Duración: 31min

    You want to be happy, awesome, and less stressed, don't you? Well, good fences make good neighbors AND good personal boundaries make a good burnout free life. In this episode, Angela interviews Christie Hays, LPC about how boundaries are a vital key to building a burnout free life. Christie says, “We are waking up and embracing self-care, and boundaries more and more. It’s an exciting time, where we want and have so many options. I think we have hit our “stress = busy = success” ceiling. I’m excited to see where it leads us.” Tune in for some great advice on how to set healthy boundaries… even when you get pushback from friends and family. Resources

  • The Zone of Genius

    The Zone of Genius

    04/12/2016 Duración: 19min

    Is your Zone of Genius calling you? It is if you're feeling like a deep, sacred part of you will wither and die if you don't move out of your comfort zone and into your real potential. The term Zone of Genius comes from The Big Leap by Dr. Gay Hendricks. It's the set of activities that you are uniquely suited to do – that draw on your special gifts and strengths. In this episode, Angela discusses several concepts from Hendricks' book, such as the Enlightened No, the Upper Limit Problem, and of course, the Zone of Genius. Resources

  • The Four Agreements: Always Do Your Best

    The Four Agreements: Always Do Your Best

    20/11/2016 Duración: 15min

    In this, the fourth and final installment of The Four Agreements series based on the book by Miguel Ruiz, Angela discusses what Ruiz says will help you avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret. To "Always Do Your Best" is just what it seems it is, but it also involves more that what it appears to mean on the surface. For example, how are you treating yourself when you aren’t “perfect” at something? Are you nasty in a way that you’d never be to someone else? In this episode, Angela explores the nuances of this seemingly simple agreement. Resources

  • The Four Agreements: Dont Make Assumptions

    The Four Agreements: Don't Make Assumptions

    06/11/2016 Duración: 15min

    In this installment of Angela's series on Miguel Ruiz' The Four Agreements, you'll hear about third agreement "Don't Make Assumptions." Making assumptions is something we do all day long from the time we awake to the time our conscious mind dozes off again. It's hard to change such an ingrained habit. But practicing this third agreement can completely transform your life. Tune in to hear more about what this powerful agreement is all about and how it is such a useful habit to change. Resources

  • The Four Agreements: Dont Take Anything Personally

    The Four Agreements: Don't Take Anything Personally

    16/10/2016 Duración: 20min

    Second in the series about Miguel Ruiz' The Four Agreements, this episode focuses on  what Angela has personally considered to be the hardest agreement of the four to grasp and practice. Though it has been difficult to live it, "Don’t Take Anything Personally" has also been the most positive and profoundly influential of the four in her life. Tune in to hear Angela's intimate reflections about this little piece of wisdom that has huge life-changing potential. Resources

  • The Four Agreements: Be Impeccable With Your Word

    The Four Agreements: Be Impeccable With Your Word

    02/10/2016 Duración: 14min

    For more than a decade, Angela has been actively using Miguel Ruiz' The Four Agreements to help increase happiness and inner peace. In this episode, she introduces the 4 concepts very generally, and focuses specifically on the first agreement, Be Impeccable With Your Word. Listen in to gain some additional perspective on this powerful intention and life-changing concept. Resources  

  • Escape The Career Trap

    Escape The Career Trap

    18/09/2016 Duración: 19min

    Feel like maybe you're in the career trap? Tune in for some true stories about people who successfully shifted into doing the work they love. If you’re ready to avoid or get out of The Career Trap, then Angela wants to help you get you inspired!

  • The Career Trap

    The Career Trap

    04/09/2016 Duración: 27min

    Many us believe there's a particular system or a decision path that’s supposed to work a certain way, and when it doesn't work (which is far too frequent) we get trapped by this belief about our careers. In this episode, you'll learn some revealing statistics about the US job market, as well as some thought-provoking concepts meant to open your mind. So you'll think about how to avoid (or get out of) The Career Trap. WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE Resources

  • When Everything is NOT Coming Up Roses

    When Everything is NOT Coming Up Roses

    21/08/2016 Duración: 18min

    You've envisioned what you want and have even written down your goal. In spite of daily affirmations, praying, lighting candles, and a myriad of other things to attract what it is that you want, it isn't happening. Everything is NOT coming up roses like you thought it would. Now what? In this episode, Angela shares 3 possibilities for what could be going on along with some advice for what to do.

  • Its Not What You See, It’s What You Notice

    It's Not What You See, It’s What You Notice

    07/08/2016 Duración: 17min

    Why don't we always see what's obviously in plain sight? We even have idioms and sayings about it in our everyday language like "It was right under my nose the whole time." In this episode, Angela discusses the biological mechanism in your brain that notices or ignores what's visible and possible, as well as how you can use this mechanism to help you get what you want in your life.  Resources

  • The Power of Daily Affirmations

    The Power of Daily Affirmations

    17/07/2016 Duración: 14min

    In this episode, Angela debunks the myth that you can simply utter affirmative phrases everyday like you're saying a magic spell to get what you want. She talks about the true power of affirmations, so you'll know what's really going on behind this technique and why you'd want to use it. Tune in to learn how to use affirmations more effectively for goal achieving. Resources Free download: The Science of Getting Rich - Louise Hay - Boldt's The Quest for Life's Work Affirmations -

  • 3 Important Principles for Success

    3 Important Principles for Success

    19/06/2016 Duración: 14min

    Even those from the most humble beginnings can rise above their circumstances. History has proven this over and over. One thing is certain, people who push their boundaries share this in common:  they all use three important principles for success. Tune in to hear what they are and how they're equally available to everyone to use.  Resources Pursuit of Happyness/Ferrari Scene - Forbes interview, Sara Blakely -

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