Keene Point Of View

How I Almost Became a White Guy's #1 Black Boy



Welcome to the Keene Point of View Podcast! Enjoy this episode discussing:1. Hard-hitting questions like why people in L.A. drive like they ain't got no worries about anyone else around them.2. How pathetic it is to be racist in America and hold onto monuments of racism like it's anything to be proud of. Also, the Trump family is full of liars.3. The Nashville Statement came out this past week because nothing else that required prayers and action happened in Texas, apparently, but let's drop everything to profess how we feel about gays, bisexual people, and trans people. Sure, that makes sense. Smh.4. The story of how I almost became a white guy's #1 black boy. No, really. It's a story. No bum of the week or boo of the week this week because...well, I forgot. There: transparency in the modern age. Enjoy and thanks for listening! Please share and subscribe! See for privacy and opt-out information.Support the show (