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Hoes Stay Winning



This week:Special Guest Co-host: Niki (Twitter: @indigogloves) joins me. Should states reopen and if not, why are so many eager to get back open just to have a worse outcome? We talked about if being a ho is worthwhile. Finally, what do you do when God lets you down.We discussed Bum of the week (and I am upset that he is from my hometown) and Boo of the week. For fun, we talked about Top 10 LGBT Comic Book characters and my fantasy of bad boys is evident with Midnighter because I feel he would protect our home without a security system. Thank you all for listening! Enjoy, subscribe, and share with those who would like it! Follow on Twitter: @KeenePOVFollow on Instagram (IG): @KeenePOVFollow on Facebook: me: keenepointofview@gmail.comFollow Niki on Twitter: @indigoglovesFollow Vinegar Water: (@VinegarWaterWeb on Twitter, @vinegarwaterseries on IG)Support the show (