Hardball Society

Glen Perkins on why electronic K-zones are inevitable in MLB (ep. 6)



Glen Perkins is one of the sharpest, most opinionated players in Major League Baseball. He sits down with the Hardball Society guys - Phil Mackey and Justin Musil - for a wide-ranging discussion about electronic strike zones, clubhouse leadership, hitting batters on purpose and plenty more! Prior to the chat with Perk, Justin and Phil try to predict what might be the next "Moneyball" phase in baseball. Medical? Another phase of defense? Topics covered with Glen Perkins:* When is it OK for a hitter to flip his bat? And do we need to "Make Baseball Fun Again?" * Is closing more fun or stressful? How much does it eat at you if you blow a save? * What is the next "Moneyball" in baseball, and how can teams better prevent pitcher arm injuries? * Why electronic strike zones are inevitable - and stories about the human element of various umpires around MLB (including Cowboy Joe West)* Glen tells a great Torii Hunter story detailing Hunter's unique personality. * Is it possible to quantify clubhouse leadership? Quota