Hardball Society

Brad Ziegler on weird throwing motions, life, baseball's joys and more (ep. 8)



In addition to being one of the best relief pitchers of the past 20 years, Brad Ziegler is also one of the most accessible, approachable players in the major leagues. The submarine baller currently with the Miami Marlins -- joins this episode of Hardball Society for an in-depth chat about life and baseball! What you'll hear on this episode: * Justin and Phil dive into a few of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement themes (Should MLB have an electronic K-zone? Are we happy the All-Star Game will no longer determine home-field advantage?).* Brad Ziegler on how and why he became a huge autograph and card collector and the most star struck he has ever been* How did Ziegler become a submarine pitcher? Who inspired him, taught him and guided him? * What was it like playing for the Oakland As during the Moneyball period? * How will MLB bullpens look in the future? * The biggest misperception fans and media have regarding the World Baseball Classic and the play that still gives Ziegler goosebumps to this day. *