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JOHANNA CARROLL since age 10 has had a deep intuitive connection to the Universe. Her life turned itself inside out following a divorce in 1983 after which she moved from Connecticut to California after experiencing an epiphany moment on a beach in Mexico. She began to study and develop her natural gifts when this connection to the Divine began to speak to her in a unique and unusual way.

She created the first spiritual networking group in San Diego, Women of the New Age in the early 1990s and hosted a TV cable show by the same name. After leaving her hospital healthcare career, for the last 30+ years she devotes her life to her international private practice as a spiritual counselor, author, radio host and metaphysical teacher. She has been featured in 3 TV specials on spirituality in Canada, Japan and the US. Johanna is included in multiple books as an expert in her field. Johanna is a former guest professor of metaphysics at Yavapai College in Sedona, AZ.

Her Get Psyched! Intuitive development training program has opened many doors to the unknown for people in all walks of life. She offers retreats to sacred sites internationally and has written four books her latest The Lost Art of Loving. Johanna additionally is well known for her radio talk show Dialogue with Divinity. She also offers webinars and on line courses.

She has been an avid tennis player for over 60 years and is a devoted wife to her second husband Floyd and her children Scot and David. She is committed in sharing her wisdom with others to improve their lives and embrace joy as a constant condition! - www.johannacarroll.com

To contact Johanna Carrol - Email - johannacarroll@xzbn.net


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