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  • Unveiled Glory

    Unveiled Glory


    When we see Jesus, the veil is removed, and we behold God’s glory.

  • I Am the Door of the Sheep

    I Am the Door of the Sheep

  • The Cure for Conflict

    The Cure for Conflict


    James then lays out a plan for reconciliation in 10 rapid-fire commands in verses 7-12.

  • A Question about Taxes

    A Question about Taxes


    In the time between Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem and His trial and crucifixion, there were several interchanges with the Jewish leaders. Mark 12:13-17 is the 3rd of 6 of these controversial interactions.

  • The Cause of Conflict

    The Cause of Conflict


    James tells us that the selfish, sinful desires of our own hearts are at the center of these conflicts.

  • I AM the Light of the World

    I AM the Light of the World

  • The Glory of the New Covenant

    The Glory of the New Covenant


    Christ inaugurated the new covenant, a covenant that is spiritual, full of righteousness, and life-giving.

  • Songs of Redemption

    Songs of Redemption


    After being delivered by the Lord at the Red Sea, the Israelites break into a song of praise to the Lord for His redemption.

  • Sufficiency in the Spirit

    Sufficiency in the Spirit


    Our only confidence comes from knowing our personal insufficiency and our God-based sufficiency.

  • Commendation



    How do we measure success? This is a difficult task, but it is perhaps most difficult in the realm of evangelism and ministry.

  • I AM the Bread of Life

    I AM the Bread of Life

  • Two Kinds of Wisdom

    Two Kinds of Wisdom


    James helps us see that there are Two Kinds of Wisdom.

  • The Wicked Tenants

    The Wicked Tenants


    Jesus tells the parable of the wicked tenants.

  • The Smell of Jesus

    The Smell of Jesus


    Whether someone believes the gospel is not our responsibility. We are to be faithful, speaking with sincerity and love to a world that needs Jesus.

  • David and Goliath

    David and Goliath


    A sermon on 1 Samuel 17:1-30 by Curt Mire

  • The Purpose of Discipline

    The Purpose of Discipline


    Church discipline is a familiar subject

  • The Salvation of Man in the Glory of God

    The Salvation of Man in the Glory of God


    As Israel comes to the Red Sea, it looks like all is lost. But God has brought them to exactly this place to show His salvation and glory (Exodus 14).

  • Painful Joy

    Painful Joy


    The Apostle Paul understood authority, specifically that which was given to him by the Lord Jesus Christ as an apostle. It was an authority to build others up and to establish the gospel.

  • I AM Has Come Down

    I AM Has Come Down


    Introduction to the seven “I AM” utterances in the Gospel of John

  • A Change of Plans?

    A Change of Plans?


    Paul defended his ministry and pointed the Corinthians to the certainty of the promises of the gospel in Jesus Christ.

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