Version 3.0



Jonny, Ryan and Marc attempt to alleviate their fears of turning 30 by talking to a myriad of people about their journey in life so far and the triumphs and failures theyve experienced along the way. In each episode of Version 3.0 the guys are joined by a different individual with an interesting story to tell. Be it a successful comedian, entrepreneur, ex-drug dealer kingpin or a survival expert, the hosts chat over a few beers and try to figure out if any universal truths can be gleamed, and whether there really is a right way to deal with the social pressures and expectations of growing older.


  • #15 - Body Farms (with Anna Williams)

    31/03/2017 Duración: 01h38min

    Joining the conversation in this episode is forensic anthropologist Anna Williams. If Anna’s job examining dead bodies didn’t seem strange enough anyway, she’s also campaigning to set up a human taphonomy facilities, also know as a ‘body farm’, here in the UK – this facility would essentially be a field containing heaps of rotting corpses stuffed in car boots, submerged in water or hanging from nooses. This may all sound like some sort of horror film at first, but in this episode Anna explains how body farms are already helping scientists and police solve mysteries and catch murderers around the world.

  • #14 - Medieval History (With Dr Alice Rio & Dr Alice Taylor)

    01/03/2017 Duración: 01h45min

    Joining the conversation in episode 13 of Version 3.0 are Dr Alice Rio and Dr Alice Taylor, who are experts on the medieval period. Prior to this conversation the only knowledge we had of this subject was from TV shows like Vikings – needless to say we were blown away to hear how incorrect our views were. In this episode we cover the truths about secret societies, the role of religion in middle ages life, and how the medieval period has shaped our modern society.  

  • #13 - Catch Up

    19/02/2017 Duración: 01h21min

    In episode 13 of version 3.0 Jonny, Ryan and Marc get together for an overdue catch-up - they reflect on how life has changed in the last year and where they now see it heading.

  • #12 - 'Ethical' Clothing (With PICO Project)

    21/09/2016 Duración: 01h53min

    Joining the conversation in episode 12 of Version 3.0 are Phoebe and Isobel - the founders of Project PICO. The pair aims to produce high quality clothing essentials in a fair way - but to do this they first had to understand what concepts like ‘fair’ and ‘ethical’ actually mean; which materials are the least environmentally damaging? Is utilising cheap oversees labour exploitive or providing much needed jobs? Should they use organic or genetically modified seeds? Answering these questions, and many more, took PICO to the backwaters of India to meet the farmers and factory workers who are the hidden hands of our fashion industry. In this podcast we chat about their journey, what they’ve learnt so far and their ambitions to establish a transparent and fair clothing range.

  • #11 - War On Drugs (With LEAP Chairman, Neil Woods)

    17/08/2016 Duración: 01h58min

    Joining the conversation in episode 11 of Version 3.0 is veteran undercover police officer Neil Woods. In the process of infiltrating many of Britain’s most powerful drug gangs, Neil had machetes held to his throat, knifes thrust at his balls and was once made to take so much speed he couldn’t sleep for three days. He eventually became disillusioned with the police work realising that the war on drugs was unwinnable, and now admits “Everything I did while undercover was a waste of time”, “All I did was make the lives of the vulnerable more unbearable”. In this episode we talk to Neil about his undercover work, how the war on drugs has failed, and how decriminalising drugs is the only answer.

  • #10 - The Green Party (With former leader, Natalie Bennett)

    11/06/2016 Duración: 01h03min

    Joining the conversation in Episode 10 of Version 3.0 is Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party. We covered an array of topics including Natalie’s involvement in the Brexit referendum, her recent decision to step down as party leader and how she became a feminist at the age of 5. On all subjects, Natalie was a fascinating guest who we'd happily have chatted with all evening.

  • #9 - Health and Nutrition (With Mark Jarvis & Ben Crook)

    26/05/2016 Duración: 01h54min

    Joining the conversation in Episode 9 of Version 3.0 is Mark Jarvis and Ben Crook from Blueberry Nutrition. After retiring undefeated from boxing in the paratroopers, Mark became a personal trainer to celebrities such as Nicholas Cage, Keira Knightly and Christian Slater. Most recently he accompanied One Direction on their world tour. Ben on the other hand began life as a Biochemist before becoming a professional nutritionist. In this episode we discuss everything from the rise of MMA to Harry Styles boxing skills. Mark and Ben also gave us some well needed advice ahead of an endurance event we’re undertaking later this turns out we’ve been way too nonchalant.

  • #8 - Apocolypse Prepping (With Steve Hart)

    02/05/2016 Duración: 02h08min

    Joining the conversation today is Steve Hart, a survival and bushcraft expert who has spend the last 30 years refining his skills to ensure that he's prepared for anything and everything. You name it, from global economic collapse to a zombie invasion, Steve and his tight-knit community of 'preppers' have a plan. This couldn't be further from the case for hosts Jonny, Ryan and Marc who, not only haven't given it a second thought, have absolutely no skills as they've become reliant on googling their way out of trouble. But what happens when the internet goes down? In episode 8 of Version 3.0 Steve tell us what you should be doing to prepare for the apocalypse.

  • #7 - Old Friends (with Paul Walsh)

    25/04/2016 Duración: 59min

    Paul is in town and joins the conversation in Episode 7 – We’ve been friends since school so there’s nothing nicer than cracking open a few beers and catching up.

  • #6 - Farming & Agri Business (with Huel CEO, Julian Hearn)

    11/04/2016 Duración: 01h36min

    Joining the conversation today is Julian Hearn, Founder and CEO of the nutritionally complete powdered food, Huel. Julian, and Huel have been featured in The Telegraph, CNN, The Independent and Men's Fitness, exploring the unique product itself, and the reasons behind it's creation - to combat unhealthy lifestyles and obesity, but also to give an alternative to our 'inefficient, inhumane, and unsustainable' modern food production methods. With documentaries like Cowspiracy rapidly changing opinions (and diets!) across the world, Huel is definitely one of the products of the current Zeitgeist. We cover everything from the agricultural industry's effect on the climate, to nutrition, and whether a plant based diet really will help to save the world! Find out more about Huel here -

  • #5 - Artificial Intelligence (with Jakob Foerster)

    16/03/2016 Duración: 02h12min

    Joining the conversation today is Jakob Foerster; an artificial intelligence expert who recently helped develop a machine that solved the notoriously difficult ‘100 hat riddle’ used by Google and Goldman Sachs to weed out the highest calibre candidates during interviews . The neural network had to first figure out a way of communicating with other AIs before going on to solve the problem –Jakob explains that this is ‘basically a first step toward having machines that can communicate and collaborate’. Despite these achievements Jakob maintains a level head about the near future believing humans will continue to rule the machines for a while yet. This is a refreshing position given the recent warning issued by Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk that we may be near to creating something so powerful it cannot be controlled. Regardless of which future awaits us Jakob provides a fascinating insight into how artificial intelligence is already here and controlling everything from vehicles to the stock market and may very

  • #4 - Heroin Addiction (with Paul Hannaford)

    13/02/2016 Duración: 02h15min

    Joining the conversation today is Paul Hannaford: Ex high-ranking member of the ‘East London Gang’. In his teens/early 20s Paul was suited and booted wearing a £9k Rolex w/ personal driver. However, like a protagonist from a classic gangster movie, he experienced a ‘fall from grace’. After years addicted to crack cocaine and heroin, he began robbing drug dealers at gunpoint. Death by the drugs, septicemia, or by those dealers was one step away... Now clean for over 9 years, Paul talks to school children about the real dangers of drugs, alcohol, knife crime, gangs and guns. His workshops are inspirational but hard-hitting. In this ‘you can ask me anything’ podcast we open the doors to the London underworld. Links:

  • #3 - The 'Walter White' of Esctasy (with Shaun Attwood)

    02/02/2016 Duración: 02h10min

    It's hard to sum this one up, we touch on everything from crazy drug deals and mafia hit-men to prison survival and self-vasectomies. All this, in and around Shaun's current areas of interest - The war on drugs, and 'Making a Murderer'. Seriously. You need to listen to this! Links: