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  • GW2 Saucecast: Episode 5!


    GW2 Saucecast: Episode 5 is live! This is the episode where we get fired. Annnnnnd...BETA LEAKS! WE COVER IT!Enjoy!

  • GW2 Saucecast: Episode 4!


    Episode 4 is here!  Join us tonight with special guest host Kefkah, from, as we discuss all things BETA!  WOOOT!  WE FINALLY GOT TO PLAY THIS FRICKIN GAME!ENJOY!

  • GW2 Saucecast!


    In Episode 3 of the GW2 Saucecast, we discuss an interesting article comparing SWToR to GW2, specifically in how they stack up against each other in the area of single-player story line. Join us in welcoming our newest host, Kysif, and also in making fun of Screwtape for his insane dedication to this podcast.  Have a listen and find out why...ENJOY! 

  • GW2 Saucecast: Episode 2!


    We made it!  Enjoy Episode 2 as we cover a good chunk of the newest beta news for Guild Wars 2.  

  • GW2 Saucecast!


    With some well meaning prodding and poking from a good friend, we here at GW2 Sauce (all 2 of us) have decided to give podcasting a go.  So without futher ado,We hope you enjoy.