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  • Episode VI: It’s time to grill The Grid


    On May 12, 2011, EYE WEEKLY became The Grid, a city magazine for people in their 20s and 30s. “A younger, hipper, more provocative version of Toronto Life in a weekly guise,” was the soundbite from publisher Laas Turnbull. On June 7, some people willing to grill The Grid visited my Queen East recording studio […]

  • Episode V — Peddling Cereal to Children, Billboard Taxes & a special rating game


    Real Talk T.O., Real Talk (Click on the logo or on the text Episode 5 to download) Episode 5 Topics: Is it wrong for advertisers to use cartoon characters on cereal boxes? Should billboards be taxed to help fund art? We’ll play “Overrated, Underrated, Properly Rated” with some issues of the day. In Real Talk […]

  • Episode 4 • Hydro Rates Keep On Rising, plus Politricks


    Real Talk T.O., Real Talk (Click on the logo or on the text Episode 4 to download) Episode IV (Please excuse the audio issues. I’m working to address them for next time.) Topics: We discuss hydro electricity, raising rates, the politics of greening Ontario. The Bev Oda Affair and what it means for democracy in […]

  • Episode 3 — Trouble with usage based billing, the CRTC and the Internet


    Real Talk T.O., Real Talk (Click on the logo or on the text Episode 3 to download) Episode 3 Topics: We discuss usage-based billing and the CRTC decision that affects smaller Canadian ISPs and the way Canadians consume media online. Should the Internet be a universal human right? Host/Moderator: Pierre Hamilton Guests: Matt Frehner, Mobile […]

  • Episode 1 — Asian Post-Secondary Invasions, (Our) Lake Shore & Ford Haterade


    Real Talk T.O., Real Talk Episode 1 Host/Moderator: Pierre Hamilton Guests: Adam Kohn, Project Manager at Kubik and Georges Gabereau, Freelance Web Designer. Topics: Are some Canadian universities “Too Asian,” as Maclean’s reports; Lake Shore (Toronto’s Jersey Shore) as Pierre Trudeau’s vision of multiculturalism; Civic Engagement/Drunk on the Rob Ford Haterade. Real Talk T.O., Real […]

  • Episode 2 — Women, WikiLeaks & Lefty Pinkos


    Real Talk T.O., Real Talk Host/Moderator: Pierre Hamilton Guests: Tiyana Grulovic, Globe and Mail Style Editor; Andrew Addison, PR Guru; Adam Kohn, Project Manager, Kubik. Topics: The Rise of Women in the Workforce; WikiLeaks; Don Cherry and the lefty pinko controversy at Mayor Rob Ford’s inauguration. Episode 2 (Taped on Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010) Post […]