MZN Indie Radio is a great outlet for unsigned and underground artists to be heard on the rapidly growing realm of internet radio. We are able to spread the music of our indie underground artists. Artists who would never be heard on major radio stations are now available to the world on our station and all our other internet radio shows. It is growing into a huge entity of its own now and any artists finding challenges in traditional directions would be smart to work us and develop worldwide fanbase for their music.


  • Indie Radio AM Launches Show With Special Guest UK Diva/Songstress Kyra Simone

    Indie Radio AM Launches Show With Special Guest UK Diva/Songstress Kyra Simone

    16/03/2010 Duración: 56min

    On Indie Radio AM , a show that promotes indie artists all over the world, home is Philly, has it's first show featuring R&B Soul Diva sensation from the UK Kyra Simone, promoting her latest "The Scent" a collection of beautiful, soul capturing and sensual songs or as we say testaments to love and relationships. Also with Kyra some soulful music by artists like Detroit's Q Harper, bringing you a lesson in love and communication with "Must Be My Wife", and "Yeah, Yeah Yeah" to dance the night away. More soul and some indie hip hop coming your way tonight at 6pm est. You can also stream directly from the website at or call in at 215-554-6101. Catch us every Tuesday night for great guests , all genres of great indie music and lots of fun!!! Don't forget to check out our website and see how you too can get your music on our show!For more info contact us at    

  • New Artist Preview - Troyman, Lack of Flaws, Khalil

    New Artist Preview - Troyman, Lack of Flaws, Khalil

    26/02/2010 Duración: 02h47s

    Join us for New Artists on Tuesday: Lack of Flaws and Troyman from Chicago and Khalil from Houston Another entertaining evening.

  • Rush Hour Mix

    Rush Hour Mix

    26/02/2010 Duración: 01h02min

    Soothe that Rush Hour Road Rage out with music to jam off that agression.

  • MZN NDIE RADIO New Artist Jam!

    MZN NDIE RADIO New Artist Jam!

    06/09/2009 Duración: 01h23min

    A collection of independent artists in rap, hip hop, spoken word, rock, and soul. Will Victory, Lady Lex, Levar Thomas,Volunteers, Olio, Shanelle Gabriel, Ju Taun, and many more to come. Visit

  • Ju Taun- South Jerseys RB Sensation

    Ju Taun- South Jersey's R&B Sensation

    18/08/2009 Duración: 01h28min

    Voices that bring out the best in romance, these young men are ready to show the world how Love Changes Things!