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Rev. Mychael Shane and Jennifer will focus on who the Masters of Shamballah are, why we call them the Masters, and what they want us to know. These beings are our teachers, and they are not here to control us and they will not tell us what to do. The Masters are guiding us with crumbs for us to follow to help  manifest peace on Earth, beginning with ourselves.  


  • On todays show Brie and Stephanie will be speaking with Rev. Mychael Shane "Medium"


    Todays guest Rev. Mychael Shane will talking about his remarkable abilities to talk with the Ascended Masters along with apports. Also will be speaking about his own personal Spritual Journey.

  • What is Our Life Purpose Here on the Earth Plane?


    Most people ask this question at some point in their life, and some are lucky enough to figure it out early on. This show will help explain why we are born anddo weeach have an individual life purpose. So when one asks "is this it?" The answer is "No" there is more to life. Rev. Mychael will elaborate more on this question and let us all explore the answers together.

  • Who Are the Ascended Masters of Shamballah and What Do They Wish to Tell Us?


    Rev. Mychael Shane and Jennifer will focus on who the Masters of Shamballah are, why we call them the Masters, and what they want us to know. These beings are our teachers, and they are not here to control us and they will not tell us what to do. The Masters are guiding us with crumbs for us to followto help manifest peace on Earth, beginning with ourselves.

  • Are You Feeling Angry and Anxious and a Bit Lost? You Aren't Alone Because This Has Been Happening All Around the World!


    Tune-in to Rev. Mychael Shane's show to learn about our integration into the feminine energy andwhat that means at the individual level and collectively as a whole. How is this change affecting us? And just because it is called the feminine energy doesn't mean that men are excluded, as there is male and female in all of us.

  • Transphysical Phenomena Medium Mychael Shane and the Ascended Masters of Shamballa


    Rev. Shane will discuss karmic resolution and how to heal yourself and move forward in life. New and exciting concepts you dont want to miss.

  • Conversations with the Ascended Masters - Knowing God is Knowing Yourself


    To know yourself is understanding the "Will of God." What better way than to study the teachings of our beloved Ascended Master El Morya, who embodies the "Will of God." His name may be unfamiliar to some, though it is more than likely you have heard about one or more of his past lives. Today he serves from the heavenly realms as the Chohan of the First Ray, the Blue Ray of God's Will, Faith, Protection and Power.

  • Conversations with the Ascended Masters - Take Back Your Health with Dr. Scott Werner


    We have given control of our health to others including our food. We should take back our health with our intent and vote for our health with our money choices and every day life.

  • Conversations with the Ascended Masters - The Missing Peace with Rev. Kedar St. John


    We are constantly being bombarded with one form of negativity or another. It shows up in our relationships, our work, in our media even in our food. Today's show explores the idea of finding that missing "Peace" by carefully choosing the high road of awareness and positive reinforcement. As minister of the Temple of Peace, Rev. Kedar St. John walks in a delicate balance of discovering where peace may be found on a daily basis.

  • Spirit Guides Who Are They? Mychael Shane of the Ascension Foundation


    Some call them invisible friends; others would say it's only your imagination. Whatever the case may be, Mychael could never have made it through life without the guidance and direction of his own Spirit Guides. Our "Spirit Guides" are always there for us, even those that come as animals who are here to help us ground. As a Spiritual Teacher, one of Mychael's main focuses is to help others connect to their own "Spirit Guides."

  • Conversations with the Ascended Masters - Realizing Life's Purpose


    Most of us are told by a Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, or Guru that we have a purpose on this life plane. However, this knowledge does not normally come with direction and is usually void of guidance. Nevertheless, there are answers that can be given by the Ascended Masters, and during this show, we'll help you find the beginning so you can live life to the fullest.

  • Conversations with the Ascended Masters - We Are Not Alone


    Have you ever wondered what is truly out there? Why sometimes we feel we're not alone, and are being watched? The truth is we are not alone We are living in a multi-dimensional world where life is more an illusion than the concept of spirit. It's time to introduce ourselves to these beings, and begin the quest of understanding death, and where we go after life on earth.

  • Hauntings and Spirit Infestation with Mychael Shane of the Ascension Foundation


    Each and every one of us has experienced a Spirit Encounter or a Haunting of some kind. In some cases, the haunting is a Spirit who is earth bound, or unwilling to go into the Light. As a living sole, we hold the key to releasing them back into the World of Spirit, so they may continue their journey.

  • Conversations with the Masters - Understanding and Knowing "I Am" One with My Twin Flame


    What is a "split soul" or twin flame? What does male and female energy have to do with the twin flame relationship? Are you frustrated with not knowing how to attract or reconnect to your "twin flame"? How can this reconnection to my twin flame help me? What does Karma and soul lessons have to do with it? The "psychic" energy connection is the "real" relationship between the male and female energy which grounds and manifests miracles in your life. Why balancing your female and male energy is critical in cleansing the destructive mass consciousness and healing our Sacred Mother Earth and the Ascension process.

  • Conversations with the Masters - Healing to Ascend


    The Ascended Masters has taught me that one of the more important lifetime achievements is to recognize that in order to ascend, you must first heal from the anger, fear, guilt, and sadness we hold onto that creates in turn karma. This is a singular transference called reincarnation. Regardless of the number of lifetimes one has until this is resolved, we shall continue to endeavor until the cycle ends.

  • Spirit Attachment with Mychael Shane of The Ascension Foundation


    There are all kinds of un-explained phenomena happening inside of our bodies, such as anger, sadness, and physical pain. These things happen to us everyday with little or no explanation. Some of us choose to see a doctor who then prescribes medications to compensate for their patient's mental or physical discomfort. But is it that really necessary? Should we consider that there is the possibility that these fluctuating mood changes and physical discomforts could be originated from spirit other than our own?

  • Conversations with the Masters - Being Empowered with Rev. Camille Moritz


    2013 is representative of many changes, and co-creation is a divine tool we can use consciously everyday to help us realize our dreams and transform our lives. The power of intent is how we create and manifest change in our lives, whether it be positive or negative, a conscious choice we make.

  • Conversations with the Masters - Sound Vibrational Healing with Rev. Brian Roberts


    Sound vibration is intricate in opening the portals to the dimensions of Love and Light, and facilitates communication and interaction with Spirit. With the opening of the portals we can achieve therapeutic healing on a vibrational sound level.

  • Knowing Who You Are Mychael Shane of The Ascension Foundation


    Most of us go through life trying to fit in by attempting to please others. In doing so, we step aside of our true self, which causes depression, sadness, and an array of other issues. During this time, we lose sight of who we really are, and become caught up in the inertia of life. One of The Ascension Foundation's goals in 2013, is to help people find and accept who they truly are, as we were meant to be.

  • Premiere of Conversations with the Ascended Masters - Now What? Guest Patrick McCormick


    Now that we are past the 2012 Event Horizon, what do we do now?

  • "To Be Happy Is To Be Alive" Transphysical Phenomena Medium Mychael Shane


    As we go through life we become in most ways tired, weary and less than motivated to do much of anything, but our have to's. Like working everyday in our 9 to 5 jobs, paying bills, and complaining about everything. 2013 represents a New Beginning. The Ascended Masters and Angels are here to give us strength, knowledge, and a higher understanding. Their message, if one can be truly happy regardless of age, weight and wealth, then one can truly expect "To Be Happy Is To Be Alive"

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