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Making the Maven Podcast is dedicated to helping health and wellness entrepreneurs become business mavens. Michelle reaches globally to bring you entrepreneurial stories of challenge and triumph from industry leaders, business experts and wellness biz owners. Tune in weekly to learn personal habits for success, proven business building strategies and action steps to launch and grow your online wellness business. End the overwhelm, let go of the fear and join the revolution because we are Making YOU the Maven.


  • The Last Goodbye | MTM135

    14/05/2018 Duración: 17min

    Hello my beautiful Mavens! Today I am sharing with you the final and last episode of the podcast. After three years of podcasting and 205 episodes later, I can say from the bottom of my heart, thank you! On the podcast, I share with you some of the amazing things I’ve learned from you over the years and why having a rockstar mindset is so, so important to your success. Remember, you are great and you are enough! Now, go out there and serve your passion and help those who so, so desperately need you.    Key Insights & Aha Moments: *I have a huge, huge announcement for you!  *I started this podcast back in August of 2015 and 205 episodes later, here we are!  *Thank you for tuning in and being such a big supporter of the show! *Let’s reflect on what I’ve learned in my three years of podcasting.  *First of all, podcasts are a lot of work!  *Why is this the final episode?  *It just feels right. It feels like it’s the right time to transform and grow.  *What have I learned from you, my dear and faithful listene

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Look at Your Options! | Kate Swoboda | MTM134

    07/05/2018 Duración: 46min

    Holly Bertone has an amazing and beautiful story to share. First of all, she is both a breast cancer and Hashimoto’s survivor. She is Founder of Pink Fortitude and the Author of Thriving in the Workforce with Autoimmune Disease, which is also an Amazon Bestseller. Holly has been through so much and had to drastically shift the way she works because of her illnesses. As someone with an autoimmune disease, she is all too familiar with what it was like dealing with coworkers and bosses who simply did not believe you’re sick. Find out more about Holly and her journey on today’s episode.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *People with autoimmune disease, especially in the workplace, are silently suffering from this. *Holly started her blog as a side hobby while she was diagnosed with breast cancer. *How did Holly first get started along this path? *Holly was 39 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and then she was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. *Holly really could not do it all. She had to

  • Everything Looked Good… on Paper. | Kate Swoboda | MTM133

    30/04/2018 Duración: 46min

    Kate Swoboda is the Author of The Courage Habit and she is an expert on habit-formation and building psychological courage. Fear-based behaviors can become habitual, but this means that you can also develop courageous-based behaviors too! Fear will always come up in your life, whether you’re launching a new product, book, or service, fear will be there. The good news is, you can change the way you feel about fear so that it benefits you. Find out more from the very wise Kate on this week’s episode!   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Everybody struggles with fear… and that’s okay! Kate dives into why you have to face your fears today. *How did Kate get started? *You will never be able to fully get rid of fear but what you can do is get present and not let the fear control you. *If fear-based behaviors can become habitual, then that means courageous-based behaviors can too. *At least half of our behavior every day is habitual. We are very predictable and that’s not always a bad thing. However, it’s bad when we

  • Don’t Let Your Dream Practice Make You Lose Your Way | Amy Lasseter | MTM132

    23/04/2018 Duración: 46min

    Amy Lasseter has over 11 years of experience in the professional field of mental health and seven years of experience working in her own business. She built a successful group practice while juggling a growing family and then burned it all down when it was no longer serving her! Amy discusses her experiences and why she felt so isolated and frustrated with her brick-and-mortar business. Through professional consulting and coaching, Amy now understands how easy it is to build your dream business while still maintaining the level of freedom you desire.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *I’m excited to share Amy’s story with you! She is a client of mine and has seen so much success. *How did Amy first get started in her practice? *Was it difficult for Amy to become her own boss for the very first time? *It took Amy about 4 months to make her first $600 dollars. *What did Amy’s husband think about all of this? Getting the spouse on board is almost half the battle. *There were a lot of things weighing against Amy

  • This is How You Manifest Your Desires | Jen Mavros | MTM131

    16/04/2018 Duración: 47min

    Jen Mavros is a modern-day Spiritual Messenger, the host of The Jen Mavros Show, and the creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation. Her work has helped 5900+ of purpose-driven entrepreneurs discover and live the life they truly desire. On the show, Jen shares how she went from a hot mess to someone with a thriving career, soulmate, and living life with impactful and meaningful purpose. She also shares steps you can take to manifest your desires and make your dreams finally come true. Do not miss out!   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Hey! I would love for you to leave a review for the show! *How did Jen first get started in her career? *Prior to learning about manifestation, Jen’s life was a hot mess. *For most of us, we don’t change until we absolutely have to. *Life really began to change when Jen discovered the teachings of Louise Hay. *When did Jen turn her intuitive powers into a career? What was that transition like? *When you’re out of aliment, life has a really beautiful way of supporting you and

  • Healing Happens Within | Razi Berry | MTM130

    09/04/2018 Duración: 42min

    Razi Berry is the Co-Founder of Naturopathic Doctor News & Review (NDNR) and Founder of NaturalPath. At 25 years old, Razi was sick and going from doctor to doctor trying to find out why. No one could help and it got so bad that she decided it was time to fire all of them and start fresh… and that’s how she found homeopathy. Razi started NDNR 14 years ago when she was fed up that there wasn’t an official journal showing case studies of how, and why, homeopathy works. On today’s show, Razi discusses the difference between a community and a movement, where she sees the wellness industry going, and why healing happens within yourself.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Thank you, Jessica, for your awesome review! *Razi starts her morning every day by hugging a tree in her yard. *Razi used to look at her phone every morning instead and it really set a bad tone for her. *Tree hugging isn’t some ‘woowoo’ thing. There’s actually real science behind this. *Was Razi always like this as a child? How did she get sta

  • Do What Feels Right — Don’t Suppress Your Inner Self | Amanda Gates | MTM129

    02/04/2018 Duración: 45min

    Amanda Gates always felt like a weird kid when she was growing up. Her mother was a full-on hippy who made her own clothes, soaps, etc. All Amanda wanted to be when she was growing up was ‘normal.’ However, when she built her first dream home, she was unhappy. Nothing felt right in her house, and that’s how she found herself getting into Feng Shui and slowly becoming a closeted (and then out in the open!) hippy. Find out more about Amanda’s journey on this week’s show!   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *How did Amanda become a woo-woo hippy? *What was Amanda doing before she became an interior designer/Feng Shui hippy? *Amanda explains what it was like wearing her mother’s home-made clothes. *Amanda realizes that her husband, David, is an absolute saint for putting up with all her ‘hippy sh*t’! *Amanda was such a closeted hippy for so long that when she was finally free to express herself, it was time to focus on her legacy and how she can serve others to the best of her ability. *As women, we tend to push do

  • Step Into Your Authentic Self | JP Sears | MTM128

    26/03/2018 Duración: 52min

    JP Sears is a popular YouTuber, emotional healing coach, and student of life. JP’s YouTube videos have often gone viral, reaching over millions of views. On this episode, JP discusses fear, authenticity, and why you should take your own medicine when it comes to helping others. Help yourself, heal yourself, and if something doesn’t feel right, go towards the path that does.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *If you like this show, please leave a review! *JP explains his ‘inner mother’ about the monkeys in Costa Rica. *JP is very authentic and in touch with himself. How did it all start for him? *When JP had been attending college for all of 3 months, he dropped out. *Don’t stay blind to the help that you, too, might need as you try to help others. *The real learning begins after you think you’re done learning. *If we stop becomes of our fears, we also stop the work. You have to keep going through the fear. *How has JP’s relationship with fear changed over the years? *When was the last time JP said no? *Why di

  • Become a Super Connector and Help More People | Scott Gerber | MTM127

    19/03/2018 Duración: 37min

    Scott Gerber is the CEO of The Community Company, an organization that builds and manages community-driven programs for media companies and global brands. Scott is also the co-author of Super Connector, which is what today’s show is all about! How can you be a super connector if you’re an introvert? What’s the difference between a connector vs. a networker? All these questions answered and more on today’s episode!    Key Insights & Aha Moments: *You will want to have a pen and paper for this episode! *By the way! Thank you for leaving me reviews on iTunes. It really helps out the show. *What’s Scott’s background and why did he get into networking? *You don’t necessarily see an immediate return when you’re talking about building and creating long lasting relationships.  *Our society is so, so focused on the ‘now’ and how ‘instant’ things are. Relationships just don’t work that way.  *You can’t cheat in real time.  *Introverts actually end up being way better connectors. *Leverage your strengths. If one-on-

  • You’re Not Crazy, You’re Passionate | Keith Norris | MTM126

    12/03/2018 Duración: 46min

    Keith Norris is the Founder and Owner of the Paleo F(x), a conference that not only focuses on the Paleo diet, but also on your physical health as well. The conference has been running consecutively for 8 years and it has grown substantially since its first event. On the show, Keith discusses the importance of setting a vision and being okay with the fact that it will change, and how he and his wife were able to prevail through hardship and achieve their dreams when it was so easy to make the excuse not to.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Check out Keith’s event, Paleo F(x), which will be going down April 27-29th! *How did Keith get started in this space? *Keith and his wife both left corporate around the same time and they set clear intentions for what they wanted their life to look like in the future. *There were so many things happening around Keith and his wife’s life where they could have easily made an excuse not to pursue their passion but they stuck with it and kept pushing forward. *How did Keith

  • What It Takes to Get to the Next Level | MTM125

    05/03/2018 Duración: 31min

    While I was on vacation, some fears were coming up inside me that I simply could not ignore. What’s the next step for me and my business? I kind of have an idea, but at the same time, I’m not 100% sure. I believe fear has really been the root cause as to what’s been holding me back to get to the next level. Having fears is extremely normal and it happens at all business levels, so what can you do about it?   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *This episode is all about fear. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. *I just got back from my vacation in Costa Rica! *Kevin Breeding wrote a post and it really stuck with me while I was on vacation. *Do you fear you’re going to be a failure? *Do you fear you’re going to be successful? *Are you not fully committed to your practice? *I am struggling with all three of these things. *What’s the next step for me? I don’t really know. *What’s holding me back from getting to the next level? *These fears will not go away. You’re not alone. *What’s really holding you back is what’s

  • Finding My Worthiness | Lisa Carpenter | MTM124

    26/02/2018 Duración: 45min

    Today’s guest is Lisa Carpenter! I know she’s such a fan favorite, which is why I’ve had her on the podcast each year. This is Lisa’s third time on the show and you guys just can’t get enough of her. Lisa is launching her very first book, so stay tuned to the end for more info! On the show, Lisa talks about some of the struggles she had while writing her book, trying to find her worthiness in her business, and so, so much more.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Lisa has been on the show three times! She’s such a fan favorite. *Lisa has a new book out! Please, please check it out! *Typically, Lisa tries not to work on Monday mornings or on Fridays. *Next-level leaders understand that it’s about working on themselves that’s going to get them results. *The journey, not the results, is the fun part. *Why did Lisa decide to write a book? *Lisa believes you should always ask for help. She definitely couldn’t write this book on her own and is so glad she found someone knowledgeable to help her. *Lisa already had a

  • Re-Enroll in Your Dreams | Gloria Banks | MTM123

    19/02/2018 Duración: 35min

    Gloria Mayfield Banks is ranked the Number 1 Elite National Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics and annually leads her international sales team to multimillion-dollar success. She is a motivational speaker, success strategist, and sales trainer. Her interview today will blow you away! Gloria is just beaming with energy and on today’s show, she discusses how you can pursue your dreams WITH the support of your friends and family and not feel so alone when doubt starts to sink in.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Gloria found out she was dyslexic in 7th grade and really struggled with reading. *How does Gloria have so much energy and passion in her life? *When did Gloria decide to be unapologetic and a go-getter for her life and career, despite all the naysayers? *One of the benefits of being in network marketing is that you are surrounded by powerful, inspiring, and positive people … that believe in you! *The biggest struggle for women entrepreneurs is that they’re alone. *The angel of success is right arou

  • The Secret to Success Is in the Recipe | MTM122

    12/02/2018 Duración: 29min

    On this week’s show, it’s just yours truly! Hello! Over the years of running a business, there’s something that keeps coming up again and again — there’s a process to all of this. Like baking (something I love to do), you don’t just go in blind and throw in a bunch of ingredients together and hope it works. No way. You follow a recipe and the same should be true with your business. Today, I want to introduce to you and announce my Hustle & Flow Framework™. It’s a recipe for your wellness business. I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years and there’s no reason why you should go in blind and re-create the same mistakes. This is why I’ve built a framework to help you get those dream clients the smart way!   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *I’ve been podcasting for the last 2.5 years! Wow. Time flies! *I try not to re-record something. I believe the first time is the real time. *The cat’s out of the bag. I want to announce the Hustle & Flow Framework™! *After listening to this episode, go to my Facebook

  • Here’s How to Market Yourself Ethically | Dr. Glenn Livingston | MTM121

    05/02/2018 Duración: 43min

    Dr. Glenn Livingston is a veteran psychologist and was the longtime CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm that serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. Glenn is also the author of Never Binge Again, which has helped thousands of people reprogram themselves on their relationship with food. On the show, Glenn discusses how health practitioners can market themselves authentically and ethically and dives deep into the psychological reasons why we have food addictions.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Glenn is so passionate about his line of work that he self-funded a study with over 40,000 participants and today, he will be sharing his personal journey out of obesity. *Both Glenn’s parents were psychologists! It really helped him become an introspective thinker and it inspired him to become a Ph.D., himself. *Glenn has experienced some failures along the way, the worst one was when his business failed, he became $700K in debt and had lost $2 million in the business. *What do practition

  • Meet Your Clients Where They’re At, and Then Heal Them | Dr. Deanna Minich | MTM120

    29/01/2018 Duración: 39min

    Dr. Deanna Minich is an internationally-recognized teacher, author, scientist, speaker, and artist. She has more than 20 years of diverse, well-rounded experience in the fields of nutrition and functional medicine, including clinical practice, research, product formulation, writing, and education. On today’s show, Deanna shares how she helps her patients change bad health habits into good ones, how medicine and healing are an art, and so much more!   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Are you struggling with your online marketing? Struggling to get clients? I have a webinar coming up for you! *Deanna’s mother was a health nut and Deanna would rebel against that, which ended up causing some emotional eating issues for her while growing up. *Deanna had to discover herself and through that, she found out what being healthy really meant. *Shoutout to Dr. Jeffrey Bland for being Deanna’s awesome mentor. *For health practitioners, how important of a role is science for them? *There is an art to medicine and there’s a

  • Sonia’s Amazing Success Story | Sonia Solomonson | MTM119

    22/01/2018 Duración: 40min

    On this week’s show, I wanted to bring on a fellow coaching student of mine. I am so proud of Sonia Solomonson’s success. Sonia literally went from unfulfilled employee to business owner with 20 appointments on opening day. The crazy part is, she’s only been in business for two months! This stuff really works when you do the work and I want you to use Sonia as inspiration to stop being unfulfilled/complacent and start taking actions to fulfill your life’s purpose.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *If you’re sick of hearing me tell you owning your own practice is possible, then you must, must listen to what Sonia has to say. She is crushing it and so can you! *I have a new training out for you guys. Link in the show notes! *Where was Sonia in her career before she started her business? *Sonia became complacent with working for somebody else, yet she was very unfulfilled. *After talking to friends and family, Sonia realized that she’s still young and the decisions she makes now are going to set her on a certai

  • Stop Sabotaging Yourself! | MTM118

    15/01/2018 Duración: 30min

    I’m back with another solo episode! It’s the new year and we’re excited to achieve our goals, but some things that keep coming up with my students are their self-limiting beliefs. Are you saying words like, ‘I’m not ready yet,’ or ‘I’m too busy,’ and it’s making you stop dead in your tracks? You are sabotaging yourself! Let’s help you get unstuck in today’s episode so you can put yourself out there and do great, great things!   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Are you self-sabotaging yourself? *I’m posting a live webinar this Wednesday 17th at 12 p.m. EST about the three online marketing secrets! Don’t miss it! *One of the reasons why you’re getting stuck is because you keep falling into the same limiting beliefs that are holding you back. *We naturally want to go into situations that make us feel safe. However, as business owners we need to battle against this. *You need to constantly be analyzing and adjusting what’s comfortable for you as you grow your business. *How does self-sabotage show up in different

  • Are You Too Attached to the 'How'? | MTM117

    08/01/2018 Duración: 23min

    Welcome to the new year! In this week’s show, you just have yours truly sitting one-on-one to give you a real talk about a lesson I had to relearn in 2017. A couple of years ago when I decided to shut down my brick and mortar business, I was so focused on ‘how’ I wanted to let my business go that it took me almost a year (and near burn-out) for me to finally let it go. I was so focused on ‘how’ that I ended up dragging the task on for more than it needed to be. The same thing happened to me again in 2017! Today, I’ll be sharing this valuable lesson with you so that you can prevent and stop yourself from going through the exact same thing in your business.   Key Insights & Aha Moments: *I was so fortunate to meet up with my inner circle mavens for a 2017 year review. *What kind of lessons have I learned throughout the year? *On January 17, I have a free webinar for you! Don’t miss it. *I had to relearn a lesson this year. That lesson was to not be so attracted to how things will happen in your business. *A

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