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  • The Final Cast


    This is it, guys. It’s been a good run, but this project has come to an end! Bye all, Ryan Price and Joel Eisenhofer Advertisements

  • Sports Metrics


    Joel and Ryan talk about developments in sports medicine that allow us to enhance athletic ability to unheard-of levels! Check us out at facebook.com/highproofpodcast. Write us at highproofpodcast@gmail.com

  • Are Cats a Liquid or a Solid? 2017 Ig Nobels in Review


    It’s that time of year again–the Ig Nobels have been released! In this thrilling episode we talk about female penises, liquid cats, scratching the wrong side of your body, and didgeridoos. As always, check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/highproofpodcast/

  • Social Media – Vice or Virtue?


      Ryan and Joel take on social media. Ryan basically thinks that social media is a scourge that functions to further alienate people. Joel is a bit more reasonable and can see some good in it!

  • Season 3 Episode 8 – Interview with Sean Horan


    In this podcast, Joel and Ryan interview Ryan’s colleague Sean Horan, currently a PhD student in mathematics at UC Irvine. Sean came to biology from a mostly mathematics/data analysis background. We talk about Sean’s research, where mathematicians fit in to science, and how STEM education can fail students.

  • The Importance of Animal Models with Bethany Wagner


    In this cast, Ryan flies solo and interviews the irrepressible Bethany Wagner. They discuss the challenges–ethical, legal, and personal–of working with animals in order to model human disease. Though these models allow insights often impossible to gain in simple cell culture or test tube systems, no model system is perfect.

  • Eclipses et Cetera


      This week, Joel and Ryan discuss the Great American Eclipse and why it will blow your eyes out, teaching biology, and whether numbers are like, real, man.  

  • Interview with Dan Zollinger, circa Spring 2016


    In this blast-from-the-past interview, Ryan and Joel interview Dan Zollinger, who was at the time a post-doctoral scholar at UCSF. We discuss how myelin, the insulating material around the long part of a neuron, is implicated in several neurological diseases; we also discuss the joys of brewing with Dan, who is himself an avid brewer.

  • Interview With Benjamin Stecher


    Joel and Ryan interview Benjamin Stecher, who maintains the blog tmrwedition.com. Benjamin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at a young age and now travels the world learning about cutting-edge research from the scientists on the front lines of disease research. We learn about some new and developing treatments for Parkinson’s which may be ready for humans […]

  • 13 Reasons Why and To the Bone: Controversial Depictions in Media


    Joel and Ryan start off talking about the recent Netflix content To the Bone and 13 Reasons Why. These shows tackle controversial topics (anorexia and suicide respectively) and some schools have had interventions for students to warn against the shows or against suicide. Your intrepid hosts discuss the benefits of censorship which quickly spins off […]