Scarlet Leaf Review (anthologies, #1): Awards

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Three awarded short-stories for 2016: a short-story full of suspense and thrilling events showing how to murder someone, pinning the kill on someone else; a quasi-biographical short-story revealing embarrassing moments in a woman's life and her decision to take her life back (better later than never); the revelation of a quirks in the life of the inhabitants of a building that is about to be sold, the owner not knowing what he'd bring upon himself, had he sold the building. Enjoy mathematical planning, humor and good writing!

Our very first collection of award winning essays submitted by authors like you. Learn about the struggles of being a girl in a massively-multiplayer online game, about how to build a computer (or not) or about how to properly budget your life (or not). Humor, triumphs and defeats all to be found in this winning collection.