At First Glance

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It is for all the people dreaming of meeting the right one on a wonderful heel 12 boot. She is Isabelle: thirty-four years old, a historic boyfriend and she owns a shoe boutique. He is Matthew: fifty years old, a historic girlfriend, he is about to marry he and he manages a restaurant. The streets of Isabelle and Matthew cross briefly (it`s a lively bickering, they hate themselves instantly) in a crowded area at the JFK airport in New York, to split up, to their great relief. But, once landed and discovered with disappointment of having exchanged cell phones during the collision, fate will make them meet again. On the backdrop of an overwhelmingly romantic Paris, animated by unforgettable characters - from Marcus, Matthew`s eccentric friend, to Marta, his girlfriend, perfect and hysterical, Isabelle and Matthew find themselves involved in an intoxicating circle where it will be very difficult not to fall (from a heel 12) into the arms of love.