Awesome With Alison

130: Facing your fears, trusting yourself, and why it’s so WORTH IT! with @britbarron



YAY! We’ve got educator, speaker, and author Brit Barron with us today! And baby it’s so so so good! I’m talking to her about her incredible new book Worth It! And holy crap, is this book worth the read! In it Brit shares her story of being boxed in by fears and feeling unable to make the changes she desired, and then helps us learn how she finally decided to leave her old life behind for one that has allowed her to live in her full potential. Brit poses so many good questions that will BLOW YOUR MIND and help tune you in to how to trust yourself more, and face those fears! Brit’s leading by example showing you that hard work to do so is so WORTH IT! Get Brit’s Book! Follow Brit on Instagram Snatch up my I’m Doing Awesome Journal Eric's closing song is "OUR TIME" from the dopest music library ever... Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off for life!