Awesome With Alison

131: The Gospel of MOANA!!!



We are doing it! WE ARE DOING IT! I am finally doing the episode of my dreams, and showing you how Moana (yes the Disney movie) can help you answer all of your life’s burning questions! Using this beautiful hero’s journey, I’m going to use examples from Moana to invite you to become more of the hero and conscious creator of your own journey and life. If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, hopeless or just BLEH, I think this episode will give you some direction and inspiration for the steps you can take next! Make way, make way! The episode is sponsored by Shine Cosmetics! Get my custom lip gloss AWESOME here: Use the code ALISON to save!!! Find more empowering goodness here: Eric's closing song is "Hawaii" from the World Guitar Collection at his incredible music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off and start making the best videos ever!