Awesome With Alison

Ep. 141: How to create your dreams & life with joy!



I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of trying to add more SHOULDS to my life! So I’m not doing it anymore! But I still believe I can build my life and what I dream of with joy! How?! Well what I’ve got for you are 4 mind shifts, thoughts, just quick ideas, that helped me finish my book and create with ease! And I know they can help you do the same with anything you want to create, including a beautiful life! I’m sharing the 4 messages I wrote to keep me centered and inspired on post-it notes I kept above my desk, and what they meant to me! As well as why I think they will inspire and focus you too! Let’s do it! CALENDAR!!! Eric's closing song is from his stock music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club Use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC for 20% off