Awesome With Alison

Ep. 145: What is my purpose and how do I find it!? Purpose coaching session #1: Marissa & Kimi



Welcome one welcome all to an exciting new series on the podcast called Purpose Coaching! In this episode you’ll hear me coach two incredible babes, as I help them zero in how to connect to their purpose, and trade some panic for peace! They are vastly different conversations, but share the overall theme of self acceptance, self love, and your worth being non-negotiable! Listening to other people get coached can open your mind to new solutions, help you feel less alone, and shift your perspective to see your life in a whole new light! I’m so excited to share this with you! Want more guidance?! Get my FREE mini course: Ready to create REAL CHANGE & implement practices to support your flow!? Join Awesome on Demand here! Eric's closing song is "Springtime" from his stock music library Pleasant Pictures Music Club. If you want to use that song in your videos head to and use code: AWESOMEWITHERIC f