Awesome With Alison

Ep. 147: Unlocking and unblocking feelings to connect to your purpose w/ Cody & Jay!



Whew! It can be hard to know what we even feel sometimes, right? That’s why unlocking and unblocking our feelings can be critical when it comes to connecting to our purpose and feeling like we can be our awesome selves! And that’s exactly what I do with these two incredible babes Cody & Jay in purpose coaching session #3! They both find themselves reaching for action to keep themselves from having to feel the things they just don’t want—sound familiar?! ME TOO! Both conversations teach healing, processing, and how to create practices to help the feelings flow! I know you’re going to get a lot out of it and love both just like I did! Listening to other people get coached can open your mind to new solutions, help you feel less alone, and shift your perspective to see your life in a whole new light! I’m so excited to share this with you! Want more guidance?! Get my FREE mini course: Ready to create REAL CHANGE & implement practices to support your