Awesome With Alison

Ep. 148: Accepting your whole self with love! Purpose coaching session #4: Juana & Stephanie!



If you’re feeling like, “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM!” Or if trying on a shirt can tailspin you into a fit of, “But is this ME? WHO IS ME?!” Buckle up! We’re gonna dive into radical self acceptance with this next part of my purpose coaching series!!! Both sessions touch on your idea that we get to be ALL the parts of ourself. And we dive further into illustrating how to acknowledge that the “bad” or “hard” parts of you have served you...and they don’t make you broken or lacking. Both women are in a place of new, increased capacity and are being invited to flex new muscles, and level up their self acceptance. I know I for one, can totally relate! And I know you’ll be able to too! Want more guidance?! Get my FREE mini course: Ready to create REAL CHANGE & implement practices to support your flow!? Join Awesome on Demand here! Eric's closing song is "Binary Spring" from his stock music library, Pleasant Pictures Music Club. Use