Carlos Miller

Be Sober Your Adversary The Devil



We live in society that believes that being "A Christian" or "born again" believer is something that hold you back from living life.But it's actually quite the opposite. Some think because you don't party and drink that you are missing out. I speak on my experience with my life and others I know life and how it is been affected by decisions of being drunk and living this so called"life" that people say your missing out on. I also speak on being sober and how the devil will come in your most intoxicated times in your life to get you to make decisions to get you to make the wrong choices in life. Even given the example of Jesus and how the devil tried to come to Jesus in his vulnerable(intoxicated times) as example of discussion to get him to make the wrong decision. We all know how that ended! Jesus came out victories and so came we. Stay sober and Jesus will bring you through --- Support this podcast: