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Episode 33: Five Cardio-Free Fat Burning Tools



The Beyond Burning Fat Podcast is brought to you by: Today’s Show: Five Cardio-Free Fat Burning Tools We’ve heard of ways to ramp up your fat loss with HIIT cardio, but what about ways that help you burn fat without huffing and puffing? The first tool has you saying “no thanks” to the elliptical, and the second gives you a little break (at least for a while). The third, fourth, and fifth are check-ins related to what goes in your body. You have either never thought about these as fat loss tools, or . . . it’s a perfect reminder to revisit these fat-busting habits. So glad you’re here -- let’s jump into the episode! * * * Hello! It’s Chelle here – Thanks so much for listening! It’s an honor to be in your ears ;-) I hope you enjoy the show, and if you do . . . subscribe! That way you’ll be up to date on all we talk about. It’s a labor of love, because I really enjoy staying connected to you. And if you’re new and find yourself asking who is this girl?, just pop over to